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    Aotea College Chorus, New Zealand 01:19

    Aotea College Chorus, New Zealand

    by Snehadarling (1/1/09) 921 views

    New Zealand, 20 Aug 2007, Overlander train from Wellington to Auckland. The train broke down mid-route. The Aotea College Choir was on the train enroute from Wellington to the Barbershop Nationals in Ngaruawahia. While we all waited at the station, the chorus entertained us with an African song. BTW: this song won them "best world song" at the competition. (Thx to commenters for correcting me.) P.S. For some reason when I uploaded the video, the audio was delayed by 2 seconds. I may try to fix that -- it's better with the audio in synch.

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    New Zealand on the Road, Road Trip to NZ 07:18

    New Zealand on the Road, Road Trip to NZ

    by Snehadarling (1/1/09) 289 views

    Road trip from Christchurch through Queenstown up to Rotorua and Auckland. the music of Alice in Chains, OMC and awesome Steriogram in a song Roadtrip. Kiwi road, geyser, black water rafting, rotorua and other miracles on the road in NZ. Wyprawa do Nowej Zelandii. Podroz wynajetym panem samochodzikiem. Polacy w Nowej Zelandii.

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    Immigration to Australia - How to Migrate Explained - Video 03:16

    Immigration to Australia - How to Migrate Explained - Video

    by Snehadarling (1/1/09) 548 views

    If you are interested in migrating to Australia then watch this seminar. There are many different Australia visa pathways and the purpose of this seminar is to make the process clearer. The Migration Bureau is the industry expert for immigration to Australia having assisted over 30,000 migrants over the past 15 years.

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    IMMIGRATION to CANADA - Why Immigrate to Canada? 02:15

    IMMIGRATION to CANADA - Why Immigrate to Canada?

    by Snehadarling (1/1/09) 4,192 views

    One may ask the question "why immigrate to Canada?" Let me help you and give you some information which could assist you in deciding for yourself on becoming a new immigrant. Canada welcomes immigrants from all countries. It is a multicultural and diverse society living in a safe harmony with all nations Once you are here as an immigrant you feel at home regardless of your race, religion and color of your skin. Canada's labour market is quite steady and provides excellent and plentiful opportunities for all kinds of immigrants. Canada is one of the safest countries with the lowest crime rate. Canada has an excellent health care system and social structure providing family allowances, unemployment insurance, and old age security. Canadians have one of the highest life expectancy. Canada provides the best future for your children. With four Canadians top ranking cities, Vancouver ranks as the most livable city. Calgary the cleanest and the most environmentally friendly city. Montreal the largest second French speaking city in the western world after Paris, and finally Toronto, the most popular destination for new immigrants and the largest city in Canada and the fifth largest city in North America. All of them and many others will give the safe heaven and the lifetime of opportunities to the prospective immigrants like you. This is why Canada was rated by the United Nation as the number one place to live on earth. Hope this would clear all your doubts and encourage you to make Canada your home. Please visit our website and contact the Canadian Immigration Centers. Our certified Immigration Consultants will be more than happy to answer all your questions regarding immigration to Canada.

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    How to Move to Canada Pt. 1 09:42

    How to Move to Canada Pt. 1

    by Snehadarling (1/1/09) 398 views

    ***INFORMATION ON THE HOMELAND SECURITY PAGE HAS BEEN UPDATED. U.S CITIZENS AND PERMANENT RESIDENTS TRAVELLING BY LAND (BUS/CAR) DO NOT REQUIRE A PASSPORT UNTIL JUNE 2009!*** This is an informative video on how to move to the Great White North. I've been doing research on the topic since I was 17, and have actually just begun the process myself. I hope this video helps someone out there, and if not..heh, you'll get a good laugh I hope. I amuse myself...I kept watching myself on the video, so that's why I kept looking off to one side xD Pretty coooolloooouuuuurrrrrrssss @_@

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    How Immigrants Can Succeed in Canada 05:34

    How Immigrants Can Succeed in Canada

    by Snehadarling (1/1/09) 206 views

    Success secrets for Canadian immigrants. In the past ten years I have been working with immigrants from around the world. I have also been luck to meet some very successful immigrants - This video outlines the success secrets I got from them.

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    Calgary, Alberta, Canada 02:05

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    by Snehadarling (1/1/09) 2,030 views

    Calgary is an oil capital and commercial center, with a rapidly growing population of young professionals attracted by the vibrant economic environment. It takes just a little over an hour to drive to the Rocky Mountain resorts in Banff National Park. Calgary has grown around the intersection of the Bow and Elbow rivers, and the city is divided into a four-quadrant grid, with the Bow River separating North from South, and Centre Street-Macleod Trail.

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