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    Nucleomistry Lecture 9 18:21

    Nucleomistry Lecture 9

    by SpaceCadet262 (9/16/09) 179 views

    This lecture is about the blindness of the strong (nuclear) force, as well as the fact that other fundamental forces of physics can see (e.g. gravity, the electromagnetic force).

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    Nucleomistry Supplement 1 05:01

    Nucleomistry Supplement 1

    by SpaceCadet262 (4/30/09) 197 views

    This video shows nucleon configurations for nuclides of elements 1-10. Most nuclides are shown, including highly unstable/radioactive nuclides. Omitted are some spin-zero nuclides (because they're boring) and nuclides for which the spin has not been measured. Audio is provided by your own Spacecadet262 and by Nkosi the Doctor.

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    Nucleomistry Lecture 5 15:45

    Nucleomistry Lecture 5

    by SpaceCadet262 (4/18/09) 56 views

    In this lecture, I finish explaining the theoretical underpinnings of nuclear shell theory. As a note, I suggest that in order to understand this material, you watch lecture 4, then lecture 5, then lecture 4 again. Also note, I made the same mistake twice in the audio at around 6:20-7:00. I'll give bonus points to anyone who can spot the mistake.

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    Nucleomistry Lecture 4 17:29

    Nucleomistry Lecture 4

    by SpaceCadet262 (4/8/09) 176 views

    This lecture takes a dive into nuclear shell theory. Just a quick note: Lectures 4 and 5 basically cover similar material, and it will be very difficult to comprehend Lecture 4 without seeing Lecture 5 also. After lecture 5, I should have explained quite a bit of the theory behind the nuclear shell model.

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    Nucleomistry Lecture 3 20:03

    Nucleomistry Lecture 3

    by SpaceCadet262 (4/1/09) 221 views

    This Lecture introduces the atomic nucleus as well as the particles comprising the nucleus, e.g. protons and neutrons. This lecture defines the terms "isotope" and "nuclide," and explains how each nuclide is a distinct entity in regard to nucleomistry.

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