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    by Stranahan (6/28/09) 174 views

    So, just think about this... The United States is the only wealthy, industrialized country on planet earth that doesn't have universal health care...

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    Telecom Terror TV

    Telecom Terror TV

    by Stranahan (2/15/08) 105 views

    George Bush knows the greatest threat to your security and he's going to protect you from it, or else he won't protect. So there, nanny nanny boo boo.

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    Bill & Hillary - Experienced 01:37

    Bill & Hillary - Experienced

    by Stranahan (2/4/08) 2,209 views

    It's hot, steamy 2-on-1 MMF action with The Clintons vs. Obama, but Bill and Hillary learned from the best. And that crushing South Carolina defeat? The voters hated the racial attacks - so Bill attacks more! Another hootenanny by Lee Stranahan.

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    Reagan Responds 01:14

    Reagan Responds

    by Stranahan (1/19/08) 156 views

    Another political thingymabob by Lee Stranahan. Is Ronald Reagan running for something? Because his name has come up more than Alan Keyes or Duncan Whatisname or Dennis Thatguy. Now it's Dutch's turn to talk...

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    War On Change! 01:25

    War On Change!

    by Stranahan (1/17/08) 242 views

    Another political comedy by Lee Stranahan. Everyone is talking about change but some people are actually taking the initiative to change what change actually means...and that changes everything!

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    The RIAA - Know Your Rights? No, You're Wrong? 01:43

    The RIAA - Know Your Rights? No, You're Wrong?

    by Stranahan (1/2/08) 148 views

    Do you know your legal right when it comes to the music you listen to? Of course not! Because you don't really have any and once you figure them out, the Recording Industry Association Of America will change them. But maybe this video will help

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    Huck Really Matters

    Huck Really Matters

    by Stranahan (1/2/08) 102 views

    The Mike Huckabee Christmas video with all the deep underlying meanings laid out like a frog in a middle school science class. If you believe in science class. This video had a world premiere on the CNN show Out In The Open with Rick Sanchez.

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    What AilsRudy 01:39

    What AilsRudy

    by Stranahan (1/22/08) 657 views

    BREAKING NEWS and the FuxNews Gang is all over it as Rudy Giuliani is rushed to the hospital. Hard hitting report that gets deep into the bowels of this story - plus, hot doctors!

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