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    Halo 2 PC Gravity Gun Mod 05:14

    Halo 2 PC Gravity Gun Mod

    by SuicidalProductions (8/14/08) 6,194 views

    A video of Halo 2 PC showing the Gravity Gun Mod. Gravity Gun: -to set it to gravity gun press the big huge button that says "set to gravity gun -to set it to jetpack, change the box with jetpack force to 1 and shoot at the ground -to set it to death ray, change the damage to 1000000000000 I did not create this mod, it is free to download of the internet. Links: Grav Gun Link ~ (right-click and save target as) .rar extractor click on the file once it is downloaded and in the list it should say 7-zip, click that and go to extract here. It will go into a new folder. Have to run it as an administrator for it to work. When i said about the screen recorder after FRAPS in the credits that was a mistake