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    by Suicide Kids (9/2/09) 319 views

    Malcolm Holt was an average five-year-old until his kindergarten teacher sent him home with a suicide note pinned to his sweater. Ever since, hes been served a main course of therapy sessions and psychiatric evaluations, all washed down with a cocktail of antidepressants. Malcolm knows hes not the suicide kid everyone claims he is; he just needs the chance to prove it. Now out of college, a series of prophetic dreams offer Malcolm the opportunity he's been seeking since kindergarten. Suicide Kids is a character film that explores the psychology of insecurity and difficulty of being overeducated and underutilized in modern suburbia. In abhorring reductionism and embracing a shades-of-grey approach, Suicide Kids is at times hilarious and at times grotesque and aims not only to entertain but to cast an unflinching view of complicated people in a real setting struggling with hard questions and harder answers.