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    Blackjack Card Counting

    Blackjack Card Counting

    by Surf In Theater (11/21/11) 133 views

    A new, simple and effective, card counting system that gets you the edge at the Blackjack table. An effective strategy, “Strategy Squared” that works with the count to make you a winner at the Blackjack table. All the basic information you need to play Blackjack if you are a beginner. An easy English language explanation of the tried and true, (decades old), basic strategy that has made Blackjack a nearly breakeven game at the casino, and the reason the casinos have not closed the tables. Then on to the new Blackjack card counting system. You will be amazed at the simplicity of the count and the great result of this easy card counting system. If you have ordered other card count systems you know they take a fun game like Blackjack and turn it into a laborious chore. With multiple players you may have given up on card counting thinking it was you, that you couldn’t keep up. It was not you, that is why the tables are still open. If you felt other counts were too cumbersome for a busy casino with multiple player tables and eight deck shoes you are correct, that is why the tables are still open. The Epiphany Blackjack Card Counting system keeps the fun in Blackjack and returns real results that you can take advantage of with our "Strategy Squared" betting system. The Epiphany Blackjack Count is an easy count that is very elusive to casino detection, and very rewarding to your wallet. If you play Blackjack at a Casino never let them have the edge again. Order now, less than one unit of betting for this unique eye opening Card Counting System for Blackjack. It is the best bet you can make.

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    "The Taoism of Facebook" Book Review

    by Surf In Theater (11/14/11) 8 views

    Facebook is a collective thought form, generated by its users. Our collective thoughts, “Posts”, “Likes”, “Comments” and “Shares”, create a reality that is outside of us and larger than us. Generally in the West we understand Tao's translation as "The Way". In fact the translation of Tao is much deeper. As explained in the book;"The Tao" is an infinitely large network which influences all thoughts.

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    Joey and Jeromes Artistic Meaningful Independent Film 01:01

    Joey and Jeromes Artistic Meaningful Independent Film

    by Surf In Theater (3/19/10) 38 views

    “I’ll detonate the nukes in 24 hours unless you surrender the command codes.” If those words ain’t spoken in a movie, Joey and Jerome ain’t watchin’ it. After spending their entire lives watching Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, and Vin Diesel fill various Englishmen, Russians, Germans, nonspecific Middle Easterners, and the occasional Asian full of hot lead, the two get a wakeup call when Jerome’s sister lends them several of her arthouse flicks on DVD. After an indie movie marathon, the pair are so inspired they immediately begin work on their own independent masterpiece. . .with no money, resources, or experience.

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    A Neighborhood Story 01:32

    A Neighborhood Story

    by Surf In Theater (3/5/10) 27 views

    A Surf In Theater Premiere. A NEIGHBORHOOD STORY (USA/ 2008/ Feature/ 90min) Directed by James Gencarelli Starring: Harvey Benjamin, Jacke Bonds, and Anthony Cagnelli. A view into the New York Mafia.

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