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*******odyssey.tagheuer**** - During the TAG Heuer event in Monaco Pavillon at the Shanghai Expo 2010, TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Christophe Babin talks about the Odyssey of Pioneers and the famous TAG Heuer Pendulum, a revolutionary watch by TAG Heuer.
  • 1 Jul 2010
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*******odyssey.tagheuer**** - Nice overview of Milan as TAG Heuer's Odyssey of Pioneers stops in one of the world's most famous fashion capitals.
  • 26 May 2010
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*******odyssey.tagheuer**** - For the first Asian stop of the Odyssey, the timepieces exhibition took place in New Delhi. Among the attendees were TAG Heur CEO Jean-Christophe Babin, Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan and TAG Heuer ambassador Karun Chandhok.
  • 25 May 2010
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*******odyssey.tagheuer**** - The Odyssey of Pioneers is now in Asia. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of India while the Odyssey arrives in New Delhi, before attending a cocktail hosted by the Maharaja of Jaipur himself.
  • 26 May 2010
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*******odyssey.tagheuer**** - The Odyssey of Pioneers has entered Asia. After a stop in India, with the timepieces exhibition in Delhi and a cocktail with the Maharaja of Jaipur, it will continue its amazing journey through Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo.
  • 24 May 2010
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*******odyssey.tagheuer**** - The TAG Heuer Roadster was the first vehicle with no Russian component ever allowed on the Red Square. Luke McClure used this unique occasion to introduce the new Meridiist phone with beautiful Kremlin as a background.
  • 4 May 2010
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*******odyssey.tagheuer**** - For the last stage of the Odyssey of Pioneers' European tour, the TAG Heuer night took place in Museum Avtovill. TAG Heuer's CEO Jean-Christophe Babin was there to present the Pendulum brought by model Tatiana Tereshina.
  • 5 May 2010
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*******odyssey.tagheuer**** - Luke and Vivien try to learn some basic but very useful Russian sentences. Luke is the driver of the TAG Heuer Roadster and Vivien is providing all the great pictures and videos since the beginning of the Odyssey of Pioneers.
  • 1 May 2010
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*******meridiist.tagheuer**** - Meridiist footage from the TAG Heuer boutique in Moscow. Also featuring TAG Heuer watches and the TAG Heuer Roadster with Russian VIPs such as Tatiana Tereshina, Anton Komolov and Avrora. *******odyssey.tagheuer****
  • 29 Apr 2010
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The TAG Heuer night in Warasaw for the Odyssey of Pioneers took place in an airport facilities. Exceptional timepieces were exhibited to illustrate TAG Heuer's unique watchmaking history. *******odyssey.tagheuer**** *******facebook****/TAGHeuer
  • 26 Apr 2010
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The TAG Heuer Roadster left Hungary and arrived in Poland. Beautiful scenery mixes up with the deep sadness following the tragic death of president Lech Kaczynski.
  • 23 Apr 2010
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The Odyssey of Pioneers, the first round-the-world tour in an electric car, is nearing the end of its European journey. Follow this amazing adventure through Switzerland, France, Italy, Hungary and Poland. *******odyssey.pioneers****
  • 22 Apr 2010
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TAG Heuer - Melbourne Grand Prix Event with Jenson Button, March 24 2010, in the TAG Heuer boutique.
  • 21 Apr 2010
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Second summary of the Odyssey of Pioneers. From Geneva to Budapest, follow the TAG Heuer Roadster as it crosses Basel, Monaco and Milan during its amazing round-the-world tour.
  • 20 Apr 2010
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During the Odyssey of Pioneers stage in Hungary, the wonderful timepieces exhibition took place in the TAG Heuer boutique.
  • 19 Apr 2010
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See what the roadtrip looks like as the Roadster leaves Italy to reach Hungary. Curious policemen, strange buildings, solar energy facilities or beautiful cities, each kilometer is different from the previous one.
  • 17 Apr 2010
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Zsuzsanna Budai, Miss Universe Hungary, in a TAG Heuer shooting with the Roadster and a Meridiist in Budapest.
  • 28 May 2010
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