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    Bedhead Bird

    Bedhead Bird

    by AnimalSites (10/31/07) 2,474 views

    Bibi the African Grey parrot woke up with something on her mind. (Music by Kill the Alarm used with their permission. www.killthealarm.com)

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    Here's Johnny - Parrot Version

    Here's Johnny - Parrot Version

    by AnimalSites (9/26/07) 4,995 views

    Bibi, a Congo African Grey parrot, does this classic introduction from the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. She even sings some of the theme song.

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    Bibi Says STEP OFF! 01:03

    Bibi Says STEP OFF!

    by AnimalSites (8/23/07) 6,078 views

    This 1-year-old African Grey parrot is a quick learner! She learns how to tell people off in less than one-half hour. (Bibi is now 3 years old and has her own LIVE daily webcam. Check it out! BibiSteps.com)

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    Talkative Parrot 01:49

    Talkative Parrot

    by AnimalSites (7/28/07) 15,130 views

    Bibi practices some old favorites (chicken, rooster) along with some brand new phrases. My favorites are when she strings together random words to make little rhymes (0:45) and when she seems irritated about BROCKERY (1:23). Enjoy!

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    Smart (and Humble) Bird 01:05

    Smart (and Humble) Bird

    by AnimalSites (7/22/07) 12,713 views

    Bibi can now identify 6 different foods: peanut, seed, apple, berry, peapod and grape. She's currently working on broccoli, which she pronounces "brockery." We included some footage of her learning to ask for a grape. Interestingly she confused it with other green foods like apple and peapod. Likewise when she was learning to ask for a peanut, she'd repeatedly call it a seed -- which makes perfect sense when you think about how both have to be cracked open before eaten.

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    Kemon Acho?

    Kemon Acho?

    by AnimalSites (6/28/07) 3,516 views

    Bibi the African Grey Parrot learns to say "How Are You?" in Bengali. Because "acho" reminds her of sneezing, she sometimes sneezes. Enjoy!

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    Rappin' Parrot Busts Some Moves 01:07

    Rappin' Parrot Busts Some Moves

    by AnimalSites (6/20/07) 19,856 views

    Cool dance moves from Bibi the wannabe hip-hop parrot. One Saturday afternoon we were listening to some tunes and caught her getting down to the beat. Enjoy! Bibi is a Congo African Grey parrot and just over one year old.