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    Please Fire Me: Posts from the Revolting Workplace 01:10

    Please Fire Me: Posts from the Revolting Workplace

    by Tassles (5/3/11) 13 views

    A humor book by Adam Chromy & Jill Morris (The Onion), with Johnny McNulty (The Onion). ABOUT THE BOOK: Based on the popular blog http://PleaseFireMe.com this book takes user-submitted venting and encourages workers to get angry, laugh, and ultimately rise up against the regime. The writers generate original and clever written responses, graphs, and illustrations to every complaint imaginable. AVAILABLE: In stores. On Kindle.

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    The Eating Glove © 02:24

    The Eating Glove ©

    by Tassles (8/10/10) 121 views

    From the Upright Citizens Brigade sketch team Gorilla Gorilla. Are you tired of throwing away all your laptops? Finally, there's a product to help you can remember not to touch your computer when your hand is covered in food. Perfect for anyone who's laptop has the following stains: marinara, peanut brittle, crumbs of all kinds, old white crust and more.