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    Ingrown Toe Nail ...www.toepains.net...

    Ingrown Toe Nail ...www.toepains.net...

    by Taylor Pains (4/19/11) 24 views

    Rest assured as we offer only the best and most reliable treatments to your condition. An ingrown toe nail is a painful condition of the toe. It occurs when a sharp corner of the toenail digs into the skin at the end or side of the toe. Pain and inflammation at the spot where the nail curls into the skin occurs first. The inflamed area then starts to grow extra tissue or drain yellowish fluid...For information: http://toepains.net

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    Hurricane Ike Victim: Big Toenail...www.toepains.net 01:59

    Hurricane Ike Victim: Big Toenail...www.toepains.net

    by Taylor Pains (4/19/11) 18 views

    retrieving a Fat Tire from an ice chest in the garage during the power outage brought on by Hurricane Ike, I opened the door on my toe and nearly ripped the nail off. After 2 days of snagging it on clothes and 2 nights of waking up with it hung on the sheets, www.toepains.net...I decided to solicit the help of the always-willing-to-inflict-pain Big Mike for final toenail removal. After plenty of time marinating the toe and its host, the Vice Grips came out… Narrated by Uncle Bobo and Big Mike

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    Chronic Pain, Cedar City UT, Smith Chiropractic, Chiropract 01:29

    Chronic Pain, Cedar City UT, Smith Chiropractic, Chiropract

    by Taylor Pains (4/17/11) 7 views

    from head to toe, pain free after 9 years of pain, chronic pain, cedar city chiropractic, Dr. Smith chiropractor, live pain free, cardiomyopathy, gentle adjustments. Russel A. Smith, DC QN NS Dr. Russel Smith is a graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and Utahs 1st Quantum Neurologist Dr. Smith has always been interested in health and the healing arts. www.toepains.net In 1981, he earned his first state license in the field of Psychiatric Nursing. He worked for years with the Mentally and Physically Disabled before returning to college, first completing his pre-med studies, then earning his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree.