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    The Hitchhiker Armbar Escape 02:26

    The Hitchhiker Armbar Escape

    by TechniquePrevails (8/26/12) 4 views This is a last stitch effort to escape the armbar when your opponent breaks the grip and is straightening out your arm. You can roll under and end up in a cradle position.

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    Half-Guard Flow Drill 11:07

    Half-Guard Flow Drill

    by TechniquePrevails (7/15/12) 22 views (Click the link above for an entire set of flow drills!) In this flow drill, we will escape our opponent's mount, go to half-guard, sweep to side control, and pass to mount. The transition goes as follows: 1. Escape Mount to Half-Guard 2. Whip-Up 3. Sweep to Side Control (Old School, Electric Chair, Stoner Control, etc.) 4. Step to mount 5. Partner escapes mount to half-guard

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    Knee Post Counter to Triangle 02:07

    Knee Post Counter to Triangle

    by TechniquePrevails (6/30/12) 5 views This is a way to counter your opponent's guard pass attempt by reaching under and clearing his arm so that you can transition to the triangle choke.

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    Master Toddy's Muay Thai Training Series 02:15

    Master Toddy's Muay Thai Training Series

    by TechniquePrevails (6/18/12) 70 views Master Thohsaphol Sitiwatjana (aka “Master Toddy”) is arguably the most famous Muay Thai trainer in history. Starting at a very early age, Toddy trained under the legendary Grand Master Ajarn Seri Ramaruud, Grand Master Ajarn Sanong Rakwanid, and Grand Master Ajarn Pansak Ratanaprasit who are renowned Masters in their own rights each having trained many World class Muay Thai fighters. In England, Master Toddy is known as the father of Muay Thai. His fighters were distinguished champions there and his promotions superb. After running gyms in the UK, Ireland, USA, and Thailand, Master Toddy has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge to share with up and coming kickboxers and people who want to improve their Muay Thai skills – and in case you didn’t know… Master Toddy Is The Trainer Of More Than 40 World Champions! Included in the list of over 40 world champions trained by Master Toddy are: Maurice Smith, Dale “Apollo” Cook, Ronnie Green, Lisa Howarth, Kash “The Flash” Gill, Kiyotaka Kato, and Howard Brown. Of the new generation of fighters in America, Melchor Menor, Gina Corano, Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, Phil Baroni, and Stephan Bonnar all rule the ring under Master Toddy’s tutelage. Other WORLD CLASS FIGHTERS trained by Master Toddy are Kevin Ross, Ben Garcia, Kit Cope, Lisa King, and Bob Sapp!

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    Kimura to Arm Triangle 01:53

    Kimura to Arm Triangle

    by TechniquePrevails (6/10/12) 9 views This is a way to use the failed Kimura from guard and transition into an arm triangle. Your opponent has straightened his arm and rotated it toward your head, freeing him from the kimura. Don't waste the position all together. Simply use it as a transition to the arm triangle choke!

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    Escaping the Guillotine Choke 04:33

    Escaping the Guillotine Choke

    by TechniquePrevails (6/3/12) 18 views You've shot the double leg takedown, but you've somehow ended up in your opponent's guard and he slaps on the guillotine choke. Now what? This video shows you how to escape from the guillotine choke from the guard position.

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    Finishing the Armbar 03:29

    Finishing the Armbar

    by TechniquePrevails (5/25/12) 2 views Many no-gi submission grapplers get into an excellent armbar position, only to lose the position and the submission as their opponent escapes. In this video, we're going to look at some simple ways to make sure that our opponent doesn't escape our armbar in a no-gi submission grappling match, MMA fight, or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu match.

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    Finishing the Omo-Plata 03:28

    Finishing the Omo-Plata

    by TechniquePrevails (5/13/12) 2 views No matter if you set up the omo-plata from the triangle choke, the rubber guard, or from the open guard- there's a battle to try to finish the omo-plata from that position. Here we show how you can finish the omo-plata by pulling your opponent off of his base to his side.

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