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    Elephant Antics

    Elephant Antics

    by Thailand Traveller (8/3/08) 20,211 views

    Filmed at the Maesa Elephant camp in northern Thailand. Watch the huge elephant’s antics which range from playing the harmonica to building walls!

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    Elephant Darts 01:23

    Elephant Darts

    by Thailand Traveller (12/14/07) 2,612 views

    Human verus Elephant in this oversized game of Darts. First to three wins, who will it be. Let us just hope if the elephant loses he is not too upset.

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    Great Elephant Soccer 02:12

    Great Elephant Soccer

    by Thailand Traveller (12/10/07) 100,273 views

    Visit for more great videos like this one. These huge elephants kick these oversized footballs for miles and there pretty good at penalty kick as well. This video was shot in the Thai Elephant Conservation Center the Maesa Elephant Camp in the lush tropical jungle of Chiang Mai's Maesa valley.

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    Blind Fighting 01:21

    Blind Fighting

    by Thailand Traveller (12/6/07) 6,456 views

    This a free for all blind Muay Thai boxing fight. Four Guys are blindfolded and go at it, it's a recipe for some entertaining action. This was filmed in Chiang Mai in north Thailand.

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    Baby Monkeys 01:22

    Baby Monkeys

    by Thailand Traveller (12/2/07) 10,314 views

    Two super cute baby monkeys get to play with two much bigger monkeys in me and my brother at the Chiang Mai Monkey Centre in Thailand.

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    Amazing SeaLife And Creatures 04:51

    Amazing SeaLife And Creatures

    by Thailand Traveller (11/30/07) 1,376 views

    From deadly sharks and the worlds most venomous fish to playful otters and beavers. Many other amazing creatures can be discovered in this video just watch it and find out. At the end of the video there is a ride over one of the largest aquariums in a glass bottom boat. These are some of the cool creatures that I saw at the Siam Ocean World in Bangkok.

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