The Raw Inspiration TV-Show with Ka Sundance

The Raw Inspiration TV-Show with Ka Sundance


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    How To Make A Living In The (Raw Food) Natural Health Movemen... 03:27

    How To Make A Living In The (Raw Food) Natural Health Movemen...

    by The Rawfoodfamily (5/2/12) 11 views

    http://WorkFromAnywhere.TV One of the most asked questions people ask me is: How To Make A Living In The Natural Health Movement?? The biggest concern always is: "There are 1000s of businesses out there. How can I fit in there?" "Will there even be room for me??" "There is just too much competition!" Let me tell you one thing. I don't even think competition! We are all in one boat and are collegues. You see that there is NO SINGLE ONE soul out there that can speak the truth the way you can. You have the ability to reach some very special people nobody else can reach. You speak in such a special way! This is so unique and important! It is like that with recipe books for example. There are 1000s of recipe books out there. Each day there are at least 10 new ones published. Half of them will be bestsellers in spite of the crowded market. Why? Because people are hungry for recipe books. How many recipe books did you buy in your life time? How many "health edcaters" have youy been listening to? Will you be listening (and learning) to more? Hah! Gotcha! There is plenty of room for you, me and a thousand others out there helping people to become more healthy, you see!!?? So please do not delay your success! Do not wait as your people are waiting for you to step into your place of power. Get going and let's become collegues in the name of natural health! The natural health movement needs you. I hope I could inspire you a bit! In case you want to learn more on How To Make A Living In The Natural Health Movement (And Find Your Niche), please sign up for the free video training course at http://www.WorkFromAnywhere.TV Facebook: Twitter:

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    Veganism: What If Your Children Want Meat?? 08:41

    Veganism: What If Your Children Want Meat??

    by The Rawfoodfamily (5/1/12) 3 views Here comes a hot topic. It is dealing with the question on what one should do, when family members (like kids or partners) chose to eat in a REAL different way than you. If you are vegan, a vegetarian or even a raw vegan and your kids ask for meat, what to do? This is a difficult question, and I want to make clear right here and now: I am just sharing my personal opinion. This is how I see things. I am NOT telling you what you have to do, you are supported from me to find this out yourself. The way how we go about things in our life as The Rawfodfamily is this: Tolerance! I do not believe that I have the right to force anybody to eat the way I eat, to believe what I believe. All I can do is lead by example, and believe me: I have enough to do there myself. I trust that my kids will see me acting in alignment with my talking. This has a power. This power is bigger than ruling them and their eating habits by force. And this does not mean that we do not have any rules in our house. For example: We insist on drinking green juice everyday. But I also drink 3 liters myself. And we have three basic rules we live by: 1. no physical or verbal abuse of others 2. no swear words 3. no throwing around things But that is pretty much it. If we all would live by these 3 simple rules the world would be a peacful and beautiful place, huh? (And if the everybody would drink green juices, we all would be even healthy!! LOL) Other than that, do I also believe that my kids deserve trust. they deserve and need that trust to find out what is right and wrong to them. I trust that this will help them to make good and healthy decisions. I know that some might disagree here, and say: "But what if they want to do something that would harm them or others?" I have to ask back: "Did you ever try it this way on a consistent base?" In my experience (also as an un-schooling dad) has this NEVER -not even once- lead my kids down that road. It really has to do with trust. And trusting seems to be a hard path to walk these days. I struggle with this myself at times. But our kids deserve this trust. They will be supported to make up their own mind. To become a confident and smart adult that knows what he wants and why he want it. And if that would include eating meat, then this would IN NO WAY make my love for them smaller. If I go down the other route, however, I will force them to do what I say. I will rule them by force, power and fear. This will make them lie to me at the end, and eat what they want to eat in hidden secret places , when they are with friends. They will feel guilty about it, and create issues. Do you want this for your kids?? I say :"NO!" I want trust, understanding and sharing! And when they decide to something that is not aligned with my beliefs, I feel that I have to step back and tolerate their right to be different than me. For more thoughts on this hot topic, do please watch this video here! Please also leave us a comment down below. How do you deal with meat eating close family members??

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    How to Unblock Yourself to Get the Support You Want #258 05:18

    How to Unblock Yourself to Get the Support You Want #258

    by The Rawfoodfamily (10/25/11) 20 views Facebook: Twitter: As I am working through some intresting stuff right now, I thought I grab my camera and share this with you. I want to help you today to become able to receive all the support and help you need and deserve. Very often we seem to be blocking this out making it much harder on us than it actually is. This video is meant to inspire you and give you some clear tools on how you can unblock yourself in order to get support you want!

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    How to Create Space for Brilliant Ideas #257 04:37

    How to Create Space for Brilliant Ideas #257

    by The Rawfoodfamily (10/10/11) 9 views Facebook: Twitter: I was thinking about something special yesterday. I was thinking of ideas that change our life. Ideas -thought by normal beings like you and me- that have even changed the course of us as human race. Where do these ideas come from? That's what I am exploring in this video! These special ideas that inspire you to grow far beyond of what you originally thought was possible, have some interesting characteristics. If you want to increase the space for those ideas in your personal- or business life, please enjoy this video!

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    Tips on How to Start to Live & Love Your Life TODAY 04:10

    Tips on How to Start to Live & Love Your Life TODAY

    by The Rawfoodfamily (10/6/11) 6 views Facebook: Twitter: As I am working again and again with people that are very ill, I see a pattern. It seems that the more desperate someone is, the more he suffers, the more profound the change and improvement is, someone can achieve. It seems like we have to have in really uncomfortable in order to apply necessary changes. As I want to support you with all I have to be in love with your life, I feel like I had to make this video. It's a testimony to love and life and the beautiful change that is happening every day to help us become more tomorrow than we are today. If you need some inspiration and ideas on how to feel more love in your life, please watch this video!!

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    5 Tips to Increase Creativity in Your Life #255 04:44

    5 Tips to Increase Creativity in Your Life #255

    by The Rawfoodfamily (9/28/11) 18 views Facebook: Twitter: As we in our western world are so driven by results and the pressing logic of our analytical mind, I feel that I need to take a stand for creativity and intuition today. I want to give you some tips you can use to increase the space for expressing creativity in your life. These creative, intuitive areas are so important, because they bring balance in our life. If you want to know how to find and keep that balance, please watch this video. And my additional question for you is: What techniques do you use to enhance the creativity in your life?

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    Struggling with Fears? - Love Didn't Create That #254 05:23

    Struggling with Fears? - Love Didn't Create That #254

    by The Rawfoodfamily (9/20/11) 10 views Facebook: Twitter: Here comes a video that was inspired by Gabrielle Bernstein, as I was interviewing her the last couple of days. Gabrielle said: "Love didn't create this!" and the simple truth of this statement was blowing me away, as I meditated on it. Especially when you have problems moving over some hurdles in your life, when there are obstacles that seem to big and to heavy to overcome, this affirmation can help a big deal. "Love did not create this block, this fear, this problem!" When you see it that way, the obstacle instantly will lose power. Please watch this video to understand what I am talking about here....

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    Why the Only Way to Get over Something is Through It #252 04:51

    Why the Only Way to Get over Something is Through It #252

    by The Rawfoodfamily (9/13/11) 11 views Facebook: Twitter: Today I was working with one of my clients, and we found out about something fascinating. We have been talking about a problem area in her life. A problem area that exists for some years actually. And after trying to adjust herself to make peace with the problem, looking at it from various sides, a lot of hesitation, there was this breakthrough today! Finally my client realized that there is actually no going back, and also no accepting of the problem possible. There is just one real option. Forward!! What a relief! Finally movement and change. Often when that happens, when the inital pattern is broken and your consciousness has expanded in new territory, a positive chain reaction is kicking in. Finally other areas in your life also improve and transform for the better. Sometimes this happens like magic - effortless. Making a good decision will bring more good and more good decision.... So: No excuses, go through it and watch this video!

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    Stop Achieving and Start Receiving #251 04:33

    Stop Achieving and Start Receiving #251

    by The Rawfoodfamily (9/7/11) 8 views Facebook: Twitter: Today I need to question your way of thinking dear friend! We people in the western world are so mind-based in our way of thinking, and all is about results and logic these days. These deep structures can cause quite some problems, as it does make intuition and feeling so hard. In order to not only achieve things, but receive them, we need to become more playful, easy and get out of our head, so we can get out of the way. Receiving is as simple as getting out of the way, expecting results with no more than loving belief! If this does vibrate with you, and it feels somehow right, please watch this short video so you can understand the full process... Luv ka

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