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    Released From Prison: It Could Be You 05:03

    Released From Prison: It Could Be You

    by The Resident (4/6/12) 27 views - In today’s day and age, we seem to be losing a sense of compassion and empathy for our brothers and sisters in our society as a whole. All this rhetoric that encourages selfishness, ruthlessness, and disassociation: it seems to be reaching a fever-pitch. A search for the antithesis of that led me to CEO, the Center for Employment Opportunities, and the Released Project, which is on exhibition at the New York Public Library. Their work is really great.

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    USA Memory Championship: Hope for Humanity 06:08

    USA Memory Championship: Hope for Humanity

    by The Resident (3/30/12) 22 views - Our culture is inundated with stupidity today. People aspire to shallow fame, heaps of money, and other empty goals. With that in mind, I began to search for anyone who might be striving to push forward the boundaries of the intelligence of humanity, instead of the base regression on which the media tends to focus. This brought me to the USA Memory Championship, which was FREAKING AWESOME. This week’s video is a must-see, if you need a little help feeling better about humanity.

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    K-NEW 01:19


    by The Resident (3/16/12) 14 views - I hated all my philosophy courses in college, because I already knew everything we were forced to dissect in discussion. What a punk I was! Today, I’m still a punk who knows everything. And I am not alone. This week’s video explains why.

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    Why The Contraception Mandate is Crap 02:23

    Why The Contraception Mandate is Crap

    by The Resident (3/9/12) 6 views - I support President Obama’s initiative to clean up our healthcare system and to ensure we are all insured. I think everyone deserves to go to a doctor and get medicine when they are sick. Contraception, however, does NOT enter into that equation. This week’s video is dedicated to all the folks out there who like to pigeonhole me as a lefty NYC liberal.

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    How I Lost Ten Pounds in Ten Days 01:09

    How I Lost Ten Pounds in Ten Days

    by The Resident (3/2/12) 3 views - Ridiculous fad diets continue to abound – and continue to astound This Resident. Eat well, sleep well, drink a lot of water, and exercise. That’s it, people. Every damn day, do this, and you will be fit, you will be healthy, and you will be smarter. No, really. Do this, then have a conversation with a person on a cleanse, or doing another fad diet, and see who’s smarter. See? I told you.

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    Money That Earns Money is Evil 02:04

    Money That Earns Money is Evil

    by The Resident (2/24/12) 5 views - I’m not presenting any historical evidence or case studies here, though I’m sure they exist – and I encourage you to please share any relevant references in the comments. This week, I’m sharing from my today - it might change in the future.

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    My Issue With Fresh Direct 02:30

    My Issue With Fresh Direct

    by The Resident (2/17/12) 6 views - The grocery delivery service, Fresh Direct, is supposed to be great. If I were to use it, though, I would be taking business away from my neighbors, whom I live beside and care about. This is me, walking the tightrope between the progress of humanity and the adherence to what is good for community. I believe in progression, I believe mankind must continue to evolve and create and go further. But I don’t believe ALL progress is good, if it comes at the expense of culture, community, art and morality.

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    Neil DeGrasse Tyson Talks Politics With The Resident 04:46

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson Talks Politics With The Resident

    by The Resident (2/3/12) 24 views - When I walk around Times Square looking for interviewees, I purposefully look for interesting people. People with a spark in their eye, people laughing or talking animatedly, people who look deep in thought, people wearing hats – they are ALWAYS good to talk to – and people with interesting hair. The latter drew me to this man. I admit it; I did not recognize one of our greatest minds as he strolled through Times Square. I, the girl who just got a telescope and has been reading only deep sci-fi for years and lives for the day our society turns toward the cosmos for its answers instead of our pockets and TVs – I failed to recognize the incomparable Neil DeGrasse Tyson. That’s why I talked to him about politics instead of the other grillion questions I would have asked, had I only known. That might make this interview better in terms of its spontaneous spirit, but it certainly doesn’t make me FEEL any better. I blew my chance to know the secrets of the universe, people! Alas, I can only hope you enjoy this interview while I nurse my broken heart. Sigh.

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    C-Students 01:41


    by The Resident (1/27/12) 26 views - the world is filled with C-students, people. Try to remember that there is no way that's going to change, at least not anytime soon.

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