*******TheAnywhereOffice**** Phil Montero talks about why it's important to get our of your rut and work from different locations. Embrace your flexibility and work where you want - your yard, the library, a coffee shop, the park, or even the beach. For more tips on working from anywhere visit *******TheAnywhereOffice****
  • 29 Jan 2010
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*******TheAnywhereOffice**** Phil Montero shares 3 technology tools he used this past holiday to use his Anywhere Office to travel lighter while leaving his laptop at home. Learn to can work from anywhere without lugging around lots of mobile work gear.
  • 16 Jan 2010
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*******TheAnywhereOffice**** Tips to help you choose the right technology for your virtual team or virtual office. Phil Montero walks you through his ICC Workflow Analysis looking at your needs for Information, Communication, and Collaboration to help managers choose the best tools to support online collaboration and remote work. For more videos, info on virtual teams, and tips on how to work from anywhere visit *******TheAnywhereOffice****.
  • 29 Jul 2009
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On "The Anywhere Office TV" the Montero Brothers cover topics such as virtual teams, remote management, virtual offices, home offices, mobile work technology, work life balance, and all aspects of living a digital lifestyle and navigating the changing world of work. Let the fun begin!
  • 2 Mar 2009
  • 673
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