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    Fountain 01:12


    by The Biggs (4/16/09) 216 views

    Watch what happens to a Test Subject who is subjected to an Audio Response Test at the Amstel Pulse Laboratory. Will Dr. Heppelstedt’s thesis prove correct?

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    Pop Rocket

    Pop Rocket

    by The Biggs (4/16/09) 5,783 views

    You open a beer, you hear a pop, so what? Amstel Test Lab employed a special slow motion camera to discover a much different chain of events occurring with Amstel Pulse. Fascinating.

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    Vacuum Test 01:14

    Vacuum Test

    by The Biggs (4/15/09) 10,160 views

    Amstel Test Lab performed a vacuum form test to determine the effects of a shock from a gamma ray inflector to Amstel Pulse beer in its liquid state. The result is curious indeed.

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    Phistophicles - Book 2 01:57

    Phistophicles - Book 2

    by The Biggs (2/24/09) 306 views

    Phistophicles proves that â??Greeks do it betterâ?? when he bestows his astuteness on Truth, Fake Breasts, Platoâ??s "Republic," Love, and Syphilis.

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    Phistophicles on Set 01:36

    Phistophicles on Set

    by The Biggs (2/17/09) 55 views

    Hungry Man TV apologizes for the language used by Phistophicles, Lesser Known Greek Philosopher in a recent taping of his new philosophical works. While undoubtedly a genius, Phistophicles is only human, and was suffering from food poisoning and jet lag.

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    Jim, with a J. 05:52

    Jim, with a J.

    by The Biggs (2/10/09) 22 views

    Directed by Brian Billow. Jim lives in the moment, every single millisecond of it. Now listen in on his unique brain as Jim goes out for a night on the town. And comes home at a reasonable hour. (“Jim, with a J.” was shot entirely on a cell phone!)

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    New Family 04:31

    New Family

    by The Biggs (2/4/09) 37 views

    Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates want to get in touch with the common man. They’ve targeted a modest family of six, including a very grouchy grandmother, in this new short film for Microsoft.

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    Beware of the Doghouse 04:43

    Beware of the Doghouse

    by The Biggs (12/5/08) 5,095 views

    The doghouse. Youâ??ve heard tell of it from men who have been too casual with their wivesâ?? good graces. Get a special glimpse into that mythical place in this short film funded by JCPenney.

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    by The Biggs (10/31/08) 1,797 views

    The line at the security check point is long and thereâ??s only one real reason for it: everyoneâ??s grandma and grandpa. Maybe the snowbirds can stay down south this holiday season and just snail mail you a nice card with some money in it.

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