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The Fakirmat™ has over 7500 acupressure-nails that stimulates both acupressurepoints as meridians, nerve-endings, feel-good hormones and the blood circulation. With its unique NECK PILLOW The Fakirmat™ differ from other nail mats on the market. Put it under your neck for a simple and pleasant way to resolve tension in the neck and shoulders. The Fakirmat™ is a very appreciated gift for friends and family, since it can be used by people of all ages. +500,000 people around the world own a nailmat and they are stunned by the relief and the results it brings!! SPECIAL SUMMERPRICE UNTIL 31 AUGUST 2009 ------------------------ Do you want to win the Fakirmat™ with its ergonomic neckpillow and 8000 spikes. Send an email to 5 of your friends and cc to contestthefakirmat**** with following text. Dear friend, I'm participating in a contest where I can win a Fakirmat worth $95! The ultimate and natural pain reliever... Are you stressed? In pain? Do you want to win a Fakirmat too? Then surf to *******www.thefakirmat**** and follow the simple instructions in the webshop. Sincerly, Your Fakir The utlimate tool for -Stress -Menstrual pain -Backpain -Headache -Neckpain -Stiff muscles -High bloodpressure -Sleeping problems -Insomnia (lighter)
  • 25 Jul 2009
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