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Dr Chris discusses headlice, and answers viewers common questions. He also talks about new non-insecticide based treatments. For more information visit www.onceaweektakeapeek****
  • 23 Jul 2009
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Dr Chris discusses the causes of night cramps and looks at Crampex, an alternative to quinine based treatments. For more information : *******www.goodsleepadvice****
  • 27 Jun 2009
  • 477
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Dr Chris Steele discusses Optrex ActiMist (www.optrex******) a new treatment for tired eyes that you can even use with closed eyes or when wearing makeup.
  • 18 Jun 2009
  • 177
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See www.appesat**** for more information. In this video Dr Chris Steele discusses Appesat, a natural appetite modifier that can help control the amount of food eaten by making you feel fuller.
  • 15 Jun 2009
  • 89
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www.sleepwelllivewell****** is a new website all about sleep issues. In this video Dr Chris Steele explains what you can do if you have trouble sleeping, and describes the effects lack of sleep can have on your body and mind. For more information visit *******www.thefamilygp****/new-report-into-modern-sleep-habits-published.htm
  • 20 Oct 2010
  • 352
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See *******www.thefamilygp****/quit_smoking.aspx for more information about the Dr Chris Steele MBE 10 Point Quit Smoking Plan. In this second part, Dr Chris explains that choosing a "quit budddy" can be a vital part of your success when quitting.
  • 21 Feb 2009
  • 170
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The latest craze sweeping the Internet - a tan from your computer.
  • 6 Feb 2009
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Dr Chris Steele discusses with Sian Welby the common but poorly understood condition of Bacterial Vaginosis (caused by an imbalance of "good" and "bad" bacteria in the vagina). A new treatment for this condition, Balance Activ, is also explained.
  • 22 Jul 2010
  • 583
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Dr Chris Steele discusses his son Andrew, who is a runner in the GB Olympic team in Beijing 2008. He suffers from Hay Fever but cannot use normal treatments they could get him banned from athletics. So he uses the Lloyds Pharmacy light treatment.
  • 12 Aug 2008
  • 209
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Welcome to the Dr Chris Steele MBE 10 Point Quit Smoking Plan - Step 1. Step 1 is simple but important. Choose a QUIT DAY. This is the day you will stop smoking. In this video Sian Welby finds out from Dr Chris how to choose this day.
  • 8 Aug 2008
  • 235
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Dr Chris Steele shows with the help of Lisa how to perform a breast self examination to check for early signs of breast cancer and other problems. In this video Dr Chris Steele shows how a woman can check her own breasts for signs of cancer which could help save lives.
  • 12 May 2008
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Dr Chris Steele discusses with Sian Welby the latest healt and medical news headlines in the UK.
  • 7 May 2008
  • 230
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Dr Chris Steele discusses the looming obesity crisis in the UK. Over 50% of the UK is over weight and 50% of them are classified as obese. Dr Chris also explains how to calculate your Body Mass Index. More details at *******www.thefamilygp****/body_mass_index_calculator.aspx
  • 6 May 2008
  • 300
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Dr Chris Steele of *******www.thefamilygp**** expalins the best way to treat a fever in a child. The 5 Cs is a simple and easy to remember checklist that will help you make sure your child is comfortable. Watch the video for full details.
  • 7 May 2008
  • 737
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In Embarrassing Problems Dr Chris Steele addresses health issues that people find difficult to talk about. IN THIS ISSUE: Female health : Vaginal Health matters. Women can often have issues with their vaginas. Smells, itching, dryness, discharges can all cause discomfort and embarassment. Sian Welby discusses this sensitive matter with Dr Chris Steele, who suggests some possible causes, such as bacterial vaginosis, and outlines some of the treatments available. For more information please visit *******www.thefamilygp****
  • 22 May 2008
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Dr Chris Steele introduces his online fertility calculator and gives hints and tips on how to increase your chances of getting pregnant. For more information please visit *******www.thefamilygp****/fertility-calculator.aspx
  • 25 Jul 2008
  • 2 123
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Dr Chris Steele introduces his 10 step "How to Quit Smoking" plan. Dr Chris has many years' experience helping people to quit smoking, and he has run clinics and written books on this topic. In this video he explains the addictive nature of nicotine and outlines some potential aids to help you quit smoking, such as prescription remedies like Champix (Chantix). For more information please visit *******www.thefamilygp****.
  • 8 Nov 2008
  • 818
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