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    ThinkHero MegaShow #3 05:43

    ThinkHero MegaShow #3

    by ThinkHero (5/6/09) 20 views

    Check out the latest ThinkHero MegaShow, featuring news and sketches about Sci Fi Channel’s name change, Twilight DVD release, Battlestar Galactica’s finale, FallOut 3 downloadable content, Resident Evil 5 and more.

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    ThinkHero MegaShow Premiere Episode 04:43

    ThinkHero MegaShow Premiere Episode

    by ThinkHero (3/8/09) 218 views

    Check out the debut of the ThinkHero Megashow. Brand new weekly show that covers and pokes fun at all there is in the Sci Fi/Comic Books Movies and Television realm. This week is our Watchmen Special episode, with additional stuff about Transformers, Star Trek, Lost, BSG, Heroes, Smallville, and more. Written/Directed/Produced/Edited by Dennis Tzeng and Roth Cornet Starring Roth Cornet - Studio Host Jonny Green - Studio Host Jacque Williams - Video Game Host Frank Giarmona and AJ - Wannabe Super Heroes Dennis Tzeng

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    Attack on Darth Vader

    Attack on Darth Vader

    by ThinkHero (12/23/08) 1,706 views

    Someone has targeted Darth Vader for assassination, and you’ll never guess who. Written/Directed/Edited by Dennis Tzeng Starring Chris Mitchell AKA Hollywod Vader, Heath Harper, John Campea, Roth Cornet, Jonny Green, Tony McNeal, Khoa Dai, Ruth Rabaza Associate Producer - Roth Cornet Camera Operator - Chuck Norris

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    Mr. Science Fiction - Forrest Ackerman Tribute

    Mr. Science Fiction - Forrest Ackerman Tribute

    by ThinkHero (12/8/08) 1,174 views

    ThinkHero remembers Mr. Science Fiction, Forrest J Ackerman, who passed away last Thursday, December 4th 2008. Ackerman was THE original sci-fi fanboy, and was well known for his influence in the realm of promoting science fiction. He was also an avid collector of sci fi, fantasy, and horror memorabilia which he kept at his “Ackermansion”. Visit Hosted by Heath Harper.

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    Twilight: Love or Hate It? 02:33

    Twilight: Love or Hate It?

    by ThinkHero (12/5/08) 232 views

    ThinkHero hit the streets of Hollywood opening weekend of Twilight to see why all the girls loved this movie, and why one man was on a quest to see it. Visit Hosted by Roth Cornet.