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    Cool Inflatable Cube 02:23

    Cool Inflatable Cube

    by How2make.It (10/26/07) 215,397 views

    How to make an INFLATABLE paper cube! An amazing and funny origami.. all that you need is a square piece of paper and "someone able to blow" :D Enjoy this video, and please rate it good and share it if you like it.

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    Easy Tasty Milk Pudding 04:58

    Easy Tasty Milk Pudding

    by How2make.It (10/15/07) 44,430 views

    This tasty recipe it's called "Flan Di Latte" in Italy, and "Flan de Leche" in Spain. It's a super easy (and super tasty) pudding of milk and eggs. That "Flan" is widespread in Spain, Sardinia (Italy), Argentina and Philippines. You can add marmelades and fresh fruits (strawberries, blackbarries, etc) to enrich the dish. Enjoy this video and enjoy this recipe. Contact me if you have questions about the dessert, and please rate good the video if you like it.

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    How To Recycle Paper (homemade Letter Paper) 03:40

    How To Recycle Paper (homemade Letter Paper)

    by How2make.It (9/15/07) 102,398 views

    I'll show you how to recycle used paper. It's just a little diy project for your kids/students. You can add food colors or small flowers in order to make original paper for love letters, greetings, etc.(you can also store the remaining mixture for future paper-making)I hope you'll enjoy this video. Thank You