_____ UPDATED _____ Read this carefully! The website is: *******www.tibiapremaccess.inc.se This new application Tibia Premium Access is completely web-based, which means you don't have to download anything and risk getting viruses. ___________________ How do I do? 1. Enter *******www.tibiapremaccess.inc.se 2. Read the rules carefully and press the "Continue" button. 3. Fill in all the fields that is showed up. (You need to be older than 18. Otherwise you need an adults permission.) 4. Wait a few seconds and you are done! The premium time should be added to you account within 24 hours. ___________________ FAQ Q: Why didn't I get any premium? A: Make sure that you've registrated your account when your logged in on Tibia****. Q: Does this work on other worlds? A: No, only for accounts that is containing Secura players. Q: I have created a character on Secura and requested premium, why haven't I got it? A: Because the charecter must have been active for atleast 48 hours. Q: I got premium on my account now. Can this provide more time on my account? A: Yes it can. Q: Is it free? A: Yes, it is absolutely free. Please be patient and enjoy you premium features. / Tibia Premium Access - www.tibiapremaccess.inc.se - Version 2.08 _________________________________ Aldora Amera Antica Arcania Askara Astera Aurea Azura Balera Berylia Calmera Candia Celesta Chimera Danera Danubia Dolera Elera Elysia Empera Eternia Fortera Furora Galana Grimera Guardia Harmonia Hiberna Honera Inferna Iridia Isara Jamera Julera Keltera Kyra Libera Lucera Luminera Lunara Malvera Menera Morgana Mythera Nebula Neptera Nerana Nova Obsidia Ocera Pacera Pandoria Premia Pythera Refugia Rubera Samera Saphira Secura Selena Shanera Shivera Silvera Solera Tenebra Thoria Titania Trimera Unitera Valoria Vinera Xantera Xerena Zanera Mateusz Dragon Wielki Mdw Seromontis Paulistinha Lord'Paulistinha Scorpion Andree Angel of Distans Ancienciq Tripida Nox Thunder Judge Chia Kwapek Eternal Oblivion Cachero Zuper brag Goblinsworder Exequter Jackwalker Setzer Gambler Bubble Taifun tibia auto tibiabot ng tibiaauto blackdtools blackd cheat bot br pl war magebomb hack frag pk gm noob raid quest ot rl Outfit Guerra Guild Proxy Demon Morgaroth Orshabaal Warlock Annihilator Anihilator Seek and Destroy SAD Hunt Behemoth Raid Rare Item Outfit Ruthless CipSoft Guido Gamemaster Steve Pits of Inferno player killing Attack Died Death customer CM lol real life boss
  • 28 May 2009
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