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    571 Tubarc - IRO - Injetor De Resíduos Orgânicos 'Carla Pazin' 12:38

    571 Tubarc - IRO - Injetor De Resíduos Orgânicos 'Carla Pazin'

    by Tubarc (4/5/13) 9 views

    While searching a special issue for my Term Paper of Environmental Technologist, I commented about the importance of pursuing practical solutions aiming at improving solid residue management with Dr. Elson Silva. This scientist is PhD in Soil Science by The Pennsylvania State University, USA http://iro-tubarc.blogspot.com.br/2013/04/underground-injection-of-fresh-organic.html Para pesquisa do meu TCC de Tecnólogo Ambiental, comentei sobre a importância da busca por soluções práticas que visem a melhorar o gerenciamento de resíduos sólidos com o Dr. Elson Silva. Este cientista é PhD em Solos pela Pennsylvania State University, EUA http://iro-tubarc.blogspot.com.br/2013/04/injecao-subterranea-de-residuos.html

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    136 Tubarc New Era of Suzan Boyle 09:59

    136 Tubarc New Era of Suzan Boyle

    by Tubarc (4/28/09) 3,717 views

    As a scientist I just did a simple exploratory analysis on Susan Boyle outcome comparing her voice with amateurs and professionals on the same song. Indeed, She marks the beginning of a new era Suzan Boyle when interned unleash a new power from the hidden crude talent shattering paradigms.

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    135 Tubarc - War on Terror 04:16

    135 Tubarc - War on Terror

    by Tubarc (10/27/08) 194 views

    Terror = food + lack of fitness. The largest danger to human population comes from the modern world plenty of food and excessive machinery replacing human need to work out their bodies. Mr. Obama has the challenge to curb the spread of obesity worldwide lead by the US demanding people to control their lives with healthy diet and appropriate lifestyles appropriate to attain nature balance.

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    133 Tubarc - A Frutificação Pública 08:01

    133 Tubarc - A Frutificação Pública

    by Tubarc (1/5/08) 348 views

    O plantio de árvores frutíferas em áreas públicas ajuda na valorização da coisa pública e do resgate do homem em equilíbrio com a natureza promovendo melhores hábitos alimentares e combate a obesidade endêmica.

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