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Randolph Waldman, MD discusses the integration of Plastic Surgery EMR software PatientNOW into his practice. PatientNOW is a user-friendly complete Practice Management and EMR software product used by plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians, dermatologists, OB/GYNs and more. Please visit *******patientnow**** to learn more about the features offered by PatientNOW’s plastic surgery software.
  • 12 Jun 2012
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An Austin liposuction patient talks with us about what led her to the decision to undergo her lipo procedure at Personique. Please visit *******www.personique****/liposuction.php for more info on liposuction surgery, cost and recovery.
  • 24 Apr 2012
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The Vampire Facelift procedure uses your own blood and stem cell science to grow new, younger-looking skin. Austin cosmetic dermatologist Dr. David Sneed gives us a comprehensive overview of this sophisticated anti-aging technology. For more information on the Vampire Facelift in Austin, please visit www.amedspa****/vampire-facelift-austin.php
  • 20 Mar 2012
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Austin breast augmentation patient, Coretha, talks about her upcoming procedure at Personique and what inspired her to undergo breast implant surgery in the first place. To learn more about breast augmentation surgery in Austin, please call 512.459.6800 or visit *******www.personique****/breast-augmentation.php today.
  • 1 Mar 2012
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PatientNOW is a robust plastic surgery EMR & practice management system that offers simplicity, functionality and flexibility to aesthetic practices at an affordable price. Streamline your daily front & back office tasks with intuitive tools that help you capture more patients every week and automate operational tasks. Ensure you are converting more inquiries into real patients by collecting, tracking and managing data and leads more effectively. Call 800-436-3150 or visit www.patientnow**** to get started today!
  • 28 Feb 2012
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PatientNOW is an innovative healthcare technology company that creates practice management and EMR software for cosmetic and plastic surgeons, medical spas and dermatologists. This robust software offers a multitude of useful features to help bring your medical practice into the modern age. To learn more about the many features offered by this electronic medical records system, please visit *******www.patientnow****/
  • 1 Feb 2012
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San Francisco mommy makeovers are a specialty of California Plastic Surgeons Dr. Stanley Poulos & Yngvar A. Hvistendahl, M.D. This cosmetic procedure is designed to address many of the image problems women experience post-pregnancy, such as sagging breasts, loose skin and fat deposits. To learn more about mommy makeovers in San Francisco, please visit *******www.psspecialists****/mommy-makeover.php
  • 13 Jan 2012
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Austin breast augmentation patient and fitness competitor Jennifer discusses her recent breast implant surgery at Personique and what the procedure has done for her confidence. Visit *******www.personique****/breast-augmentation.php to learn more about breast augmentation surgeons in Austin.
  • 6 Jan 2012
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Austin Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. David L. Sneed gives a brief overview of his Austin medical spa and some of the treatments he performs. To learn more about Dr. Sneed and his Austin cosmetic treatments, please visit *******www.amedspa****/meet-dr-sneed.php
  • 7 Jan 2012
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Widely acknowledged as the “breast doctor”, breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Robert Young sees over 500 women every year for breast implant surgery and has been performing the procedure for over 20 years. Visit *******www.dr-youngforever****/breast-augmentation.php for more information or to request a consultation.
  • 30 Dec 2011
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Austin plastic surgeon, Dr. William Davis, is well known throughout central Texas for his impeccable service and the wonderful results that he consistently delivers. Nominated as a Texas Super Doctor by his colleagues, Dr. Davis is one of Austin's most trusted and well-respected plastic surgeons. In this video, Dr. Davis' staff members give us an overview of the practice and what they can expect on surgery day. Please visit *******www.austinplasticsurgery****/ for more information.
  • 31 Dec 2011
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If your home was damaged of destroyed in the Bastrop or Steiner Ranch wildfires, then don't settle for less than you deserve from your insurance company. Obtain the aggressive representation of a Bastrop fire insurance claims lawyer who has experience handling homeowners insurance and fire damage claims in the Central Texas area. For more information on Bastrop fire and smoke damage claims, please visit *******www.austintriallawyers****/bastrop-fire-insurance-claims-lawyer.php
  • 5 Nov 2011
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Austin tummy tuck patient Patient Shannon discusses her upcoming abdominoplasty procedure in Austin and what drove her to undergo the surgery in the first place. For more information on tummy tucks in Austin, please visit *******www.personique****/tummy-tuckabdominoplasty.php
  • 5 Nov 2011
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Heavenly Care in an Austin moving company that offers moving services for businesses, residential housing, apartments, luxury homes, senior citizens and more. Voted top moving company in Austin three years in a row, Heavenly Care continues to be the preferred moving company among central Texas residents. Visit them at *******www.heavenlycaremoving****/ for a complimentary quote.
  • 19 Oct 2011
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These Tampa Thigh Liposuction before and after photos show the work of renowned liposculpting surgeon Dr. Thomas Su. Dr. Su, of the Artistic Liposculpting Center specializes in body contouring procedures like leg liposuction. Thigh lipo is perhaps one of the most cosmetically rewarding liposuction procedures as it enhances the patient’s overall shape and contour. To learn more about leg and thigh lipo in Tampa, please visit *******www.artlipo****/leg-liposuction-in-tampa-bay.html
  • 19 Oct 2011
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Featured in this video is some of Houston breast reconstruction surgeon Dr. Aldona Spiegel's work. These DIEP Flap before and after photos show the results of one of the most complex and cosmetically rewarding breast reconstruction procedures, which uses the patient's own skin and fat from the abdomen to rebuild the new breast mound.
  • 18 Oct 2011
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Tampa tummy lipo is just one of the many body contouring procedures offered at the Artistic Lipo Sculpting Center. Dr. Thomas Su uses advanced laser lipo techniques combined with tumescent liposuction to give his patients the most optimal and aesthetically pleasing body sculpting results. To learn more about Tampa fat removal surgeries, visit *******www.artlipo****/liposuction/liposuction-body-areas/lipo-abdomen.html.
  • 30 Jun 2011
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