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    The Dumbest Robber Ever

    The Dumbest Robber Ever

    by UHCougar (9/12/06) 29,397 views

    If you rob a place, the absolute worst place to rob would be...a store that sells security cameras... What an idiot!

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    Screaming Idol

    Screaming Idol

    by UHCougar (9/15/06) 28,278 views

    Definately one of the WEIRDEST idol contestants I have ever seen. Apparently the judges told him they hope he has a good ear, nose, and throat doctor and another judge hoped he would be able to speak again. From the Austrian show "Starmania."

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    50 Cent Arrested

    50 Cent Arrested

    by UHCougar (9/13/06) 98,813 views

    Actually given a speeding ticket. Not like no other celeb has gotten a ticket at a minimum or been arrested - even this weekend. Paris Hilton, anyone?

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    Robbing Your Roommate 02:07

    Robbing Your Roommate

    by UHCougar (9/6/06) 122,727 views

    A guy thought his roommate was stealing from him so he put a hidden camera in his room. The roomate indeed came into his room to steal from him, and noticed the camera, but wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to do...Idiot.

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    Windows Vista Speech Screwups 01:32

    Windows Vista Speech Screwups

    by UHCougar (9/6/06) 39,677 views

    In the tradition of Microsoft messups on live television, here is the first TV trial of the voice recognition program. Mom, aunt, whatever. It's the same thing. No problem.