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    Mannix Moments: The Tale of Sweety Barrett 02:30

    Mannix Moments: The Tale of Sweety Barrett

    by VanessaDriana (7/25/09) 607 views

    A small musical tribute to Detective Mannix Bone from THE TALE OF SWEETY BARRETT (1998). With Liam Cunningham, Dawn Bradfield, Brendan Gleeson, Frankie McCafferty and Tony Rohr. Music: LAKE OF FIRE performed by Nirvana (MTV Unplugged). Special thanks go to babydraco on YT, whose "Lake of Fire" SUPERNATURAL video was a definite inspiration!

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    Angels: Sarah Waters' Affinity 04:01

    Angels: Sarah Waters' Affinity

    by VanessaDriana (1/24/09) 1,501 views

    PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THE BOOK OR SEEN THE FILM OF "AFFINITY"! THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SPOILERS! This is a fanvideo for the ITV Victorian costume drama "Affinity", from the novel by Sarah Waters. Featuring: Anna Madeley as Margaret Prior, Zoe Tapper as Selina Dawes, Mary Jo Randle as Mrs Jelf, Amanda Plummer as Miss Ridley, Anne Reid as Mrs Brink and the utterly superb Caroline Loncq as Vigers. (Sepia sequences show Selina's past, before she came to Millbank.) Gay/slash themes. Music: "Angels" by Within Temptation.