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    Web Series 09:59

    Web Series "Assisted Living" Cast & Creator Interview

    by ViralFilmVideo (4/6/09) 565 views

    Season 3 Interview of the Cast & Creator of the Web Series "Assisted Living" now playing on and . The interview features show creator, writer & director David J. Miller, star Dustin White who plays "Dustin", and season 3 actress Heather Mingo who plays "Josephine." Produced by

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    Assisted Living 12 06:08

    Assisted Living 12 "What's a Queef?"

    by ViralFilmVideo (1/26/09) 507 views

    Trying to get out of his shell Dustin continues to randomly talk to strange women, with hilarious results. Dustin tries to convince Homeless Bob to date his sister Sarah. Visit to see the complete Season 2

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    Assisted Living 8 06:01

    Assisted Living 8 "I Need Sex"

    by ViralFilmVideo (1/26/09) 2,823 views

    In the Season 2 debut Dustin gets desperate for a date he asks his sister if he can take out one of her good friends. His luck starts to change when he bumps into a super sexy girl and manages to get her phone number. But are the digits actually real?

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    In Memoriam 02:18

    In Memoriam "Oscar" from Assisted Living

    by ViralFilmVideo (1/2/09) 581 views

    We lost our friend Oscar The Guinea Pig who played "Swayze" in our web series "Assisted Living." Dustin, who was Oscars guardian, spent two seasons in "Assisted Living" appearing side by side and also as a part of his stand-up set.

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    Lemonade Stand

    Lemonade Stand

    by ViralFilmVideo (12/1/08) 13,998 views

    This Viral Commercial was shot for America's Best Companies. produced by written and directed by David J. Miller

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    Kyle Parris 04:24

    Kyle Parris

    by ViralFilmVideo (11/26/08) 87 views

    "All Night Long" - Kyle Paris Nov. 08 performing at Pressure in Chicago. See more of Kyle at and more comedy and entertainment at

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    Assisted Living 7 05:28

    Assisted Living 7 "Happy Ending"

    by ViralFilmVideo (9/29/08) 448 views

    In the Season 1 finale, Dustin continues his road to recovery by actually being nice to his sister. He offers to set her up on a date with Bob who she does not know is a wife murdering homeless person.

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