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    Sports Awesome Ep 8: 1 Year Anniversary! 05:37

    Sports Awesome Ep 8: 1 Year Anniversary!

    by W35 (5/7/10) 5 views

    Its the 1 year anniversary of Sports Awesome! Jarred starts things off with a little trash talk of Tiger, the NBA, and Dany Heatley. Jarred makes some predictions for the NHL playoffs, and much more! (Including cake)

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    Sports Awesome: 2010 Winter Olympics 05:19

    Sports Awesome: 2010 Winter Olympics

    by W35 (4/12/10) 24 views

    Jarred talks about the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC. Topics include Men’s Skeleton, Men’s Hockey, Women’s Hockey, Men’s Curling, Women’s Curling as well as Men’s Snowboard Halfpipe. Jarred also touches on some unrelated sporting events.

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    Sports Awesome - NFL, Banjo Bowl, Dany Heatley, MLB and a Fan Question 03:11

    Sports Awesome - NFL, Banjo Bowl, Dany Heatley, MLB and a Fan Question

    by W35 (9/23/09) 120 views

    Visit the website at http://www.sportsawesome.com Casual Sunday here at Sports Awesome. Jarred talks about the start of the NFL, the Coyote auction, tennis US open, the Banjo bowl, the Heatley trade, the MLB season closing, and answers a fan question. If you have any comments or question, or there is an event youd like Sports Awesome to cover, send us an email at fans@sportsawesome.com

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    Sports Awesome - Episode 1 10:19

    Sports Awesome - Episode 1

    by W35 (5/28/09) 93 views

    Visit the website at http://www.sportsawesome.com In this first episode, Jarred covers the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, the Women's World Hockey, NHL regular season, Men's World Curling, and the MLB regular season. Send us some feedback at fans@sportsawesome.com

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    From Google Earth 06:27

    From Google Earth

    by mmommn (3/29/08) 474,918 views

    Placemark 1= 33°51'4.47"S 151°13'59.50"E 2= 69°15'31.56"N 33°14'15.39"E 3= 52°30'31.43"N 13°20'6.79"E 4=32°40'34.14"N117° 9'27.10"W 5= 8°58'36.45"N 38°48'16.16"E 6= 18°20'38.98"N 66°45'9.62"W 7= 52° 4'43.32"N 4°19'58.06"E 8= 53°32'13.90"N 1°30'13.51"W 9= 51°40'58.87"N 5°46'32.49"E 10= 50°12'49.56"N 8°52'8.56"E 11= 61°17'58.21"N149°37'24.95"W 12= 48°21'10.38"N 11°43'56.05"E 13= 38°13'34.97"N112°17'56.01"W 14= 31°39'46.21"N106°35'15.65"W 15= 51°50'54.42"N 0°33'17.27"W 16= 27°22'48.94"N 33°37'56.61"E 17= 45°42'11.97"N 21°18'7.81"E 18= 19°56'57.06"S 69°38'1.55"W 19= 50° 1'7.14"N110° 8'38.37"W 20= 33°20'39.72"N126°31'24.04"E 21= 12°22'14.82"N 23°19'17.27"E 22= 37°33'49.94"N116°51'3.24"W 23= 33°23'49.35"N 44°29'14.30"E 24= 48°49'30.66"N 2°11'54.89"E 25= 30°32'31.77"N 47°49'30.80"E 26= 33°13'33.84"N111°35'49.11"W 27= 6°42'50.68"N 42°11'57.84"E 28= 53°31'54.29"N 1°21'23.58"W 29= 44°40'52.53"N 10°19'1.83"E 30= 29°31'54.78"S137°28'9.37"E 31= 37°37'45.22"N116°50'54.11"W 32= 50° 0'40.02"N110° 6'45.56"W 33= 37°24'5.00"N116°52'4.00"W

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