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Truely populist president that could help out the "90%" of average Americans. But I'm sure the machine will plaster Hillary and Obama all over the press and load them up with lots of money and the general idiots public will vote one of them in. Nothing ever changes....maintain corporatism. This was filmed during a campaign stop in Portland OR on 7/3/07. Images of Flint MI General Motor's plants were filmed in June of '07. Only 9% of Americans are now involved with manufacturing.
  • 7 Jul 2007
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Henry Rollins Kicks Ass
  • 14 Feb 2007
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Always inspiring to listen to this mans words especially considering the present day chimp in charge. Kennedy warns us of the dangers of state secrets and pretty much warns us to fear what we have today in our Whitehouse. His death was a tragic and the coverup unacceptable. Watch the movie JFK:The Directors Cut. There is also an additional disk included that has some incredible eye witness accounts and recently released secret documents. They got away killing JFK, RFK, MLK, pulled off Oklahoma and 9-11. WAKE THE F UP PEOPLE!
  • 8 Jan 2007
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Some clips of Powell and Rice and othes lying to the public about reasons for war in Iraq. John Pilger documentary.
  • 8 Dec 2006
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