All original video shot by Ken Waller. Music rights licensed thru Smartsound.


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    Monster Music Video 03:51

    Monster Music Video

    by WILD WOOBIES (10/21/08) 357 views

    Here is a fun video I directed back when I worked on the Cinema Insomnia TV show. Original music for our Halloween special from 2005.

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    HD of Chucky 02:13

    HD of Chucky

    by WILD WOOBIES (10/21/08) 8,922 views

    Chucky the doll goes crazy when he reads on the internet that people hate his HD DVD movie SEED OF CHUCKY. He goes on a rampage hunting down members of TBS. One by one each member wishes he had bought a copy on HD DVD. Get yours before it is too late...

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    $6 Movie Light for XL1

    $6 Movie Light for XL1

    by WILD WOOBIES (7/14/08) 856 views

    I've seen these LED lights for Video Cameras and they cost like $200. At Walmart I found this LED TENT light in the sporting good section for $6. It looked pretty close to the $200 one so I gave it a try. I had to play with the white balance but other than that it seems to work great and it fit on my Canon XL1s camera without any modifications and even came with it's own batteries to boot. I think this is a good choice if your poor and can't afford the $200 light.

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    $10 Cat Litter Box 05:02

    $10 Cat Litter Box

    by WILD WOOBIES (11/9/07) 1,903 views

    About once a week one of my cats would aim high and miss the litter box. I came up with this idea after looking for a bigger litter box with no luck. Keep your cats from peeing on the wall with this easy to make $10 cat litterbox. You can find these plastic tote boxes at department stores from $5 -$15. The box used is the $10 size and is 92 quarts. These are easy to carry out to the trash to clean and wash off with a hose. I did one where I cut the hole on the short end. I've seen these with wheels so you could roll it out to the trash can but make sure you don't buy one with any holes for the wheels as the cat pee will leak out. They make ones where the wheels are molded and the tub is sealed. Good luck and be safe when working with power tools and knives.

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    B-24 Liberator

    B-24 Liberator

    by WILD WOOBIES (10/18/07) 3,939 views

    Another one of my old 8mm videos of the B-24 named "GOLDEN GIRL". I think this plane has been repainted as the "WITCHCRAFT" for it's current tours with the B-17 to honor our war veterans.

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    B-17G Landing 01:59

    B-17G Landing

    by WILD WOOBIES (10/18/07) 3,860 views

    I found this old 8mm tape I shot of the "Nine-O-Nine" B-17 landing at Mather field back in 1997 ( or 1998?). This was pre 911 so you could park right up to the runway ( That's my old Ford Ranger in one shot ) too bad I didn't have a better camera back then : ( .

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