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    Squirrel Wars In The U.K. 02:36

    Squirrel Wars In The U.K.

    by WM_3_Online (9/5/08) 687 views

    Tuesday September 2, 2008. American grey squirrels are overtaking Britain, so they are being killed in order to preserve the UK's red squirrels. Animal cruelty? You decide.

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    Oklahoma May Be A Bigfoot Stomping Ground

    Oklahoma May Be A Bigfoot Stomping Ground

    by WM_3_Online (9/2/08) 6,836 views

    August 1, 2006. CLEAR BOGGY CREEK, Oklahoma, United States. CBS News: An old legend is emerging from the woods once again: During the last week there have been multiple sightings of a "Bigfoot" in rural Oklahoma. Store owner Larry Watson set-up cameras hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive creature. He captured several photos that show a large, hairy animal wandering about a wooded area. While it i More..s difficult to determine if it is a Bigfoot, a bear or a joke from the snapshots, two children said they spotted the strange beast at Clear Boggy Creek in Atoka County. "It was tall, it was brown, it had long shaggy hair, long legs and long arms," said 13-year-old Morgan Whatley. Officials initially passed Whatley's claim off as a case of an over-active imagination, until another sighting several days later. Police said a woman in her 50s suffered an anxiety attack and had to be transported to a local hospital after spotting a sizable hairy creature in her yard. In early July, there were several reports of a Bigfoot seen near Old Camp Maxey in Lamar County.

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    A Guy Steals A U.S. Military Tank! 07:54

    A Guy Steals A U.S. Military Tank!

    by WM_3_Online (7/16/08) 2,921 views

    May 17, 1995 - San Diego California, U.S.A. Having a history of mental problems along with being under the influence of alcohol can lead to a variety of unexpected behaviors. In this video from the TV show World's Wildest Police Videos you will see firsthand exactly what I'm talking about. I have posted this content to inform many of the nerve of ex soldier Shawn Nelson who was a tank crewman when he served in the United States military.

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    Unorganized Iranian Traffic In Tehran 02:14

    Unorganized Iranian Traffic In Tehran

    by WM_3_Online (7/11/08) 2,459 views

    Want to see what it's like to drive on the streets In Iran? You will be surprised at what you see here. In no other nation have I seen traffic like this on a daily basis. A Citizen of Iran has this to say about this video: "The law is when you caused an accident, you just have to pay for the person you caused it too, and your insurance does not go up so there are no penalties, points ect." "When I was there, I asked my family members if they ever checked their "blind spot" before turning, they replied, "what's the blind spot for? Here, everyone thinks it's their right to turn and drive on the streets."

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    US Soldier Refuses To Deploy In Iraq 01:32

    US Soldier Refuses To Deploy In Iraq

    by WM_3_Online (6/17/08) 175 views

    A month after US army reservist Matthis Chiroux publicly refused to deploy to Iraq, the former sergeant on Sunday set himself up for possible prosecution by failing to report for active duty with his unit in South Carolina. If Matthis is prosecuted in court, he faces either jail time or the death penalty for his actions.

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