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7:04 provides a service that cuts the costs for national and international mobile calls and texts by up to 80% off standard rates. It can be used by any person with a web-enabled mobile phone from anywhere in the world regardless of the contract type or local service provider. also provides one cost structure for all mobile phone users internationally - regardless of their country of residence or network provider. It is also one of the largest mobile calling and texting providers in the world by geographical reach and coverage. The new technology platform integrates mobile calling and texting over the internet from mobile phones, via a remote a Next Generation Switch. As long as the calling phone is web enabled, the caller can call or text any other phone worldwide easily and for up to 80% less than via their local mobile network. For more information contact
  • 23 Nov 2008
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7:04 launches. It provides mobile calling and texting services to all web-enabled phones worldwide at up to 80% less than standard mobile rates. can be used in all countries, on all web-enabled phones, regardless of network operator. Free to join and no contract required. Users use their own phone and own phone number. The same low rates apply worldwide.
  • 18 Nov 2008
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