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    WordPress Tutorial - File Manager – OrderYourName.com 05:28

    WordPress Tutorial - File Manager – OrderYourName.com

    by Wordress Videos (12/3/10) 39 views

    Visit http://OrderYourName.com for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials. First of all, you need to be logged in. After you have logged in, you need to find the icon labeled File Manager. Step 1: Once you have found it, click on the icon or on the label.Next, a pop up window appears labeled File Manager Directory Selection.choose the option Web Root (public_html/www). Also make sure that the checkbox labeled Show Hidden Files(dotfiles) is checked. And then, click on the button labeled Go. Step 2: What you should now see is the folder structure of your web server.Navigate your way to the folder that has the file permissions that you want to change. You can do this by clicking on the plus (+) signs beside the folder that you want to dig into. Clicking the plus sign reveals the folders within. Step 3: Once you have found the folder you want to change, click on it and you will see the files inside that folder. If you want to change a file's permissions, click on the checkbox beside the file and then click on the Change Permissions icon near the top of the screen; in most installations of Cpanel, the Change Permissions icon looks like a key. Step 4: You should now see a popup window labeled Change Permissions. This is where you will do the actual manipulation of the file's permission settings. You should now see a popup window labeled Change Permissions. This is where you will do the actual manipulation of the file's permission settings. * The most liberal permission settings is 777, which means that absolutely anybody can read, write, and execute the file. Other common permission settings are 644 and 655. The first digit refers to permissions given to the owner of a file (or directory). The second refers to the permissions of the owner group. The next is the permissions given to the public. Step 5: After you have selected the level of permission that you want, click the Change Permissions button. You now have successfully changed the permission settings of your file. Visit http://OrderYourName.com for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials.

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    WordPress Tutorial -Fantastico – OrderYourName.com 03:22

    WordPress Tutorial -Fantastico – OrderYourName.com

    by Wordress Videos (12/2/10) 24 views

    Visit http://OrderYourName.com for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials. When you read a Wordpress hosting review, you most probably will learn about Wordpress as a CMS and get to know on where to find a good Wordpress hosting for your blog. This particular Wordpress hosting review will not go over the CMS and will rather focus on Fantastico as a tool that can make the lives of bloggers lot easier. With all the blogging platforms and content management systems around us these days, it is very hard to pick the right application for your blog. This article will not cover all the blogging platforms in great details but concentrate on Wordpress as it is the most popular and widely used content management system around. If you are about to start a new blog and a little confused or undecided as to which platform would suit your need, then Wordpress most likely be the one to select. When Wordpress was launched fist few years ago, only a handful of web hosts were offering Wordpress hosting packages at that time. Out of those few hosts, most of them didn't even have Fantastico auto installer. Blog owners would actually have to install Wordpress manually on the hosting server, setup the database, and finally configure the config.php file within Wordpress to get the blog up and running. It was a lot of work, not to mention the insane amount of time it took to complete the entire process. And to top it off, you would actually have to have some good technical background to get that configured Fantastico auto installer made our lives very easy as now you can install Wordpress with just 3 clicks. Why spend hours trying to get your blog up and running where you can spend only 60 - 90 seconds to get the whole installation done with Fantastico auto installer? It is advised that you pick a host that offers cPanel hosting with Fantastico auto installer. Once you are within your cPanel, you will see the Fantastico icon under available applications that your host offers. You just select Fantastico and click to install. All you have to do is to pick the site or directory where you want to install Wordpress and Fantastico auto installer will do the rest. If you are only running one site under your hosting account, then it is even easier as you don't have to pick a domain since there will be only one. Fantastico auto installer will install Wordpress under your domain and will also setup the database for you. Its that easy. Now a days, there are lots of web hosts offer blog hosting packages with Fantastico auto installer. You will find that there are some pricing differences as well. Just one piece of advise, don't always settle with the one with lowest pricing. Remember one thing that has been proven over time, you get what you pay for. Pick a host that is known to be a good PHP host as Wordpress runs on PHP as well as the one that offers Fantastico. You might end up paying a few dollars more but this way you will be able to make sure that your blog stays online. You don't want to have frequent downtime going with some cheap hosts. Visit http://OrderYourName.com for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials.

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    WordPress Tutorial - Error Page – OrderYourName.com 01:47

    WordPress Tutorial - Error Page – OrderYourName.com

    by Wordress Videos (11/30/10) 20 views

    Visit http://OrderYourName.com for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials. Let a 404 error be an opportunity for you not the death knell to a visit to your site. How often have you mistyped a file name in a web address? Have you ever clicked on a search result listing link to a dead page? How many times did this result in the frustratingly uninformative '404 - page not found' thrown up by search engines or, worse, by ISPs flooding your screen with irrelevant ads? What do you do? Try again or just go elsewhere? I'd put money on it being the latter! Just remember how you feel when this happens to you and you'll understand how important t is for you to make sure this doesn't happen to your visitors. Searchers despise the 404 error page, especially when it comes from clicking what looks like a relevant link in a list of search results. Too often, these 404s come up as an ineffective default page in the browser, leaving the visitor no other real choice but to hit the Back button and try again - and they probably won't bother. Nothing drives visitors away from your site faster than a generic 404 - page not found error. Search engines also despise 404s. Old page links can live on in search engine results for a very long time resulting in a seemingly endless supply of worthless search results. If your site does not handle 404 errors then the search engine knows about it and your page ranking is adversely affected.Mostly people are honest and have genuinely miskeyed or found a dead link in their search results. However, in some cases, people end up on this page because they are have gone fishing for your download page to try and bypass having to pay for your product or opt-in to your mailing list. Regardless of how your visitors get to a 404 page, it makes sense to give them some value and a reason to stay but the generic message is no incentive at all, as we've all seen and experienced. You are not making good use of your web space if you just let them wander off somewhere else. A serious Internet marketer uses every page of their website to promote and sell their products and the 404 error page should be no exception since it can be customised just like every other page. For example, you could: -Making an special offer at a discounted price. -Make it a squeeze page for your latest promotion. -Put your Adsense code on it. -Use it to redirect to an affiliate link. And there are many other techniques you can use for maximising the productivity of your 404 error page. Let's be clear - this isn't going to make your fortune overnight! But it will contribute to your income and 'mop up' those sales you might otherwise have lost due to user or search engine error, and your visitors will appreciate the effort in making their experience a little more worthwhile. If you don't do something with that page then you are missing a potentially valuable opportunity, not just in direct sales but in visitor satisfaction too. Once lost, a customer is gone forever hence no possibility of repeat business. Visit http://OrderYourName.com for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials.

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    WordPress Tutorial - Disk Usage – OrderYourName.com 01:55

    WordPress Tutorial - Disk Usage – OrderYourName.com

    by Wordress Videos (11/30/10) 61 views

    Visit http://OrderYourName.com for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials. Of course you don’t need a CPanel tutorial. CPanel tutorials are for people who don’t know what they’re doing and that’s not you. You know what your website is going to be about, you know what it’s going to be called, you even have the domain name all sorted out. And as for the design aspect, well, how hard can it be? And all those things like email accounts, email addresses, spam blocking, webmail, error pages, service status, parked domains, add-on domains, FTP accounts, redirecting URLs, uploading files, changing file permissions, password-protecting file directories, enabling and disabling hotlink protections, MySQL databases, back-ups, cron jobs, newsletters... Hang on a minute. Maybe there’s more to this web hosting business than meets the eye. Oh yes, building and maintaining a website is not a matter of buying a domain name and clicking on a couple of options. If you want to be able to build your website so that it looks and runs and, most importantly, does what you want it to, you will have to learn how to use the CPanel, short for Control Panel, that your web host should make available to you. In order to do this you will need to do a CPanel tutorial, as this will walk you through the various features of your CPanel and teach you how to use all of them. A CPanel tutorial is not a waste of time, by any means. If your website is going to look as though it is run by a professional, the CPanel tutorial is indispensable to your success. A CPanel tutorial will take you through all the various kinds of things that you may or may not want to do with your website and show you how to do them, should you want to. You may not, for instance, know what a cron job is, but if you ever need to create and then delete one, it would be a good idea to know how. Not everything that your CPanel tutorial will explain to you will involve things you might not have known existed, like a MySQL database, but you can bet that the topics are there for a reason. You may not want to create a customized service error page, but many web site managers do because it looks more professional and I’m sure that if you are going to go to the trouble of setting up a website you will want it to look professional. There are myriad things that you can do with your website via the CPanel, but unless you already know how to use it, the CPanel Tutorial is a very good place to start finding out what the CPanel does and does not allow you to do. A CPanel tutorial will show you how to manage your website and make sure that you are fully in control of it. Best of all, a CPanel tutorial will show you how to do things you never even considered doing before and could inspire you to make your website even better than it might otherwise have been. Visit http://OrderYourName.com for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials.

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    WordPress Tutorial - Cronjob – OrderYourName.com 03:15

    WordPress Tutorial - Cronjob – OrderYourName.com

    by Wordress Videos (11/30/10) 7 views

    Visit http://OrderYourName.com for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials. It has turned to be a necessity for every company or business to have its own website. This must be created with the sole aim of popularizing the business. There are many companies providing web hosting services. Some companies provide these services for free whereas others will charge fee on a monthly basis. The problems with the these services are that the facilities or features provided by them are limited. Also there will be no control over the spam. So no person will be willing to hear about his website as spam from others. So considering all these factors, majority of them do not prefer free services. The next option is to check for these services with fees. These services will definitely provide excellent features to all its clients. Most of these services will be functioning from Linux platforms. The most common feature provided by reputed services includes the following: Most of the web hosting services provides the facility to create email accounts with the registered domain name under these services. These emails can be checked through internet. Also it is possible to configure the emails in any email clients like outlook express, outlook etc. It is also possible to have a sub domain that is pointing below the main domain registered with these services. Another excellent feature provided by the web hosting company is spam control measures. It is possible to install soft wares that will help in blocking the spam protecting all your information from leakage. A different feature is regarding the provision for backup and restore. The web hosting service enable every user or client to back up all the files and folders either on a daily basis or monthly basis and can be downloaded to the desktop or to a remote server using file transfer protocol (FTP). Apart from this it also enables every user to protect their data and allowing access only to specified number of people by allocating user names and passwords. In order to have a website with all these features, it always better to select Cpanel web hosting. This can definitely provide you an excellent service in setting up an account with Cpanel and also provides assistance in all the other issues faced by the user in maintaining a domain name under Cpanel. Apart from this it allows all the clients to make necessary changes on the website hosted under Cpanel. Visit http://OrderYourName.com for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials.

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    WordPress Tutorial - MySQL – OrderYourName.com 03:09

    WordPress Tutorial - MySQL – OrderYourName.com

    by Wordress Videos (11/30/10) 1,003 views

    Visit http://OrderYourName.com for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials. CPanel Hosting has become an industry standard for the administration and management of websites. It has not only taken a piece from the market it has pretty much stolen the whole cake. How has this happened in such a competitive market with so many other providers of this complex service? You will find the reason is because this control panel offers a reliable and easy to use platform that allows even the most inexperienced of users to manage his website with ease. It also comes loaded with applications and extras that will make your life online that little bit simpler. We will briefly look into its uploading services, its email capabilities, its backup system, and a great application called Fantastico that is included. Uploading capabilities. One of the most important features of a good website administration system is to provide easy and reliable uploading options. Email. Nowadays nearly every webpage is also a email server. For instance if Andrew has a website called www.languagevox he should also have an email setup as Andrew@languagevox.com. It is simply expected. With this piece of software creating a POP3, IMAP & SMTP email is a breeze. You can manage multiple websites and their corresponding emails from one simple to use window. Email options. Most websites now work as email servers also. For instance if a writer has a portfolio at a certain website customers are going to expect he has an email that uses his website address. For example if Bob has an online bookstore called openbooks.com you would expect Bob's business email to be bob@openbooks.com. With this program you can manage all your emails and websites from one easy to use screen. Fantastico is one of my favorite CPanel features. It is a simple to use application installer that can have some of the internet's most popular programs up and running in seconds. This is a great extra when you manage a few websites as it can save you a lot of time. Security. This a must for any webmaster management application and CPanel delivers a complete packet that protects your content and bandwith from abuse. It also provides Hotlink protection, IP deny and a SSL Manager. If you are new to webmaster tools or you have never used CPanel Hosting before you are in for a treat. There are of course things that could be improved but it is the control panel used by all the top hosting companies for a reason. Visit http://OrderYourName.com for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials.

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    WordPress Tutorial - Contact – OrderYourName.com 01:12

    WordPress Tutorial - Contact – OrderYourName.com

    by Wordress Videos (11/30/10) 157 views

    Visit http://OrderYourName.com for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials. Cpanel is an easy to use interface for web maintenance. cPanel is the leading web hosting control panel available today. Even a user completely new to web hosting can easily manage his/her own website. With the Cpanel hosting interface, you'll have complete control over your website. When looking for a hosting package, CPanel is also a good indicator of the reliability of the hosting provider. The most well known and reliable web hosts would normally provide web hosting plans that are powered by cPanel control panel. cPanel hosting plans that are on the market predominantly support PHP and MySQL, FrontPage, Fantastico and RVSkins. With CPanel, you will have access to lots of useful stats such as disk usage and space, bandwidth usage and sub domains through cpanel. The current version of CPanel is CPanel 11 or CPanel X, which gives you full control of every aspect of your account. Hosting packages that come with CPanel are a very cost effective solution as they allow you to host multiple web sites under the same account. Another very useful program-Fantastico can be directly managed from the cPanel control panel. Essentially, what Cpanel does is that it condenses the dozens of commands needed to complete one task to a single mouse click. CPanel takes care of tedious and complicated tasks, such as a simple change to the content of your web page, password protecting portions of your web site, or deleting a table in one of your databases. All these can easily be done just by some minor input from the end users. For webmasters that require assistance on web building, certain hosting companies would also provide cPanel control panel that comes with a range of powerful online building tools. Customers can use these tools to create, configure and launch their website. Other available control panels normally restricts your ability to manage your website to just the basic functions like creating email addresses, managing files and adding sub domain names. Cpanel provides much more than these basic tasks, allowing access to the more advanced functions, such as MIME types, cron jobs, OpenPGP keys, Apache handlers, addon domains, password protected directories and a lot more. For the basic users, CPanel still provide the typical program such as to add or remove email accounts, view website statistics, install different PHP / mySql scripts, get access to your online Web Mail and more. Some other functions of CPanel are to create a POP or default email account, autoresponder, subdomain, custom error pages. Users can also create an MySQL database PHPMyAdmin to manage databases, install FrontPage extensions, redirect a URL, redirect mail change, create an add-on domain, create a FTP account and to password-protect a directory. All these vast array of programs would normally come with tutorials to assist users especially newbies to ensure that using CPanel would be an ease. In summary, CPanel is an integrated program that combines the requirements of basic to advanced users in one user-friendly interface. It definitely will save you a lot of time and hassle of completing your tasks manually. The best fact is that it is directly linked to Fantastico, enabling users access to a multitude of programs that are extremely useful for managing websites. Visit http://OrderYourName.com for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials.

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    WordPress Tutorial - Email Catchall – OrderYourName.com 01:11

    WordPress Tutorial - Email Catchall – OrderYourName.com

    by Wordress Videos (11/30/10) 3,407 views

    Visit http://OrderYourName.com for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials. CPanel should be the first thing you must consider while searching for the web hosting service provider. It is very much essential as it provides the end user with a more convenient and easier way to manage your website. Logging into and using the different programs can be done prove to be straight forwardly. Using cPanel you can easily and quickly setup a blog, a bulletin board made using PHP or a content management system. It works even better when Fantastico scripts are used with it. It sets off a multitude of tasks, like MySQL table creation for different programs, removing the manual importing of scripts created by third-party vendors. Together, cPanel and Fantastico are able to streamline the process for the end user in setting up software and other applications. CPanel has efficiently combined the scripts and programs that which used to operate separately. CPanel was able to standardize these programs and scripts, which made web hosting and setup a uniform package for users. However, there is a disadvantage for using cPanel. Since it is widely used, it has become the method of phishers and hackers that create scripts that run and command it to setup unauthorized sub-domains that will be able to gather information from innocent victims. This method is referred to as phishing, and the user must always look out for signs of these when utilizing the cPanel. Summary about cPanel Hosting - The Most Admired Web Hosting Control Panel CPanel is where you monitor and manage your website; it is a web based client interface. CPanel lets you control your host account environment. It allows users to monitor things like disk space and bandwidth usage. CPanel also allows you to store your data in MySQL databases. Within the CPanel you will usually also has access to PhpMyAdmin, which offers you a feature to store database backups on a file and download a dump of the database. Many hosting providers advertise that you can host unlimited sites, create your own packages and control it all within a slightly more expensive reseller package. This is achieved by using a software add-on to cPanel called WHM. This for the master account URL for the reseller account means that WHM can be opened and from within WHM all the sub-accounts can be viewed and maintained. Fantastico is an excellent web application typically based on cPanel/PHP. The application integrates with cPanel and gives user the ability to install many free application and scripts automatically. These scripts vary widely in their applications from shopping site payment cart systems, to complete web site content management. We like the cPanel Email Account Creator which is the perfect script to setup a web email system to allow your users to signup and start sending emails with your hosting. The cPanel system helps you to set up databases and forces your databases to include a special prefix so that it may distinguish your database. The cPanel features provided by the free web space hosting providers that use it, for example, will vary, but usually they still include at least a file manager for uploading and editing your free web pages online. Some include all the features of paid hosting companies, such as MySQL databases, Fantastico script installer, Cron jobs manager, Add-on domains, Email management tools, AWSTATS and the Webalizer and other website statistics programs, and so on. If they do provide even half of these for free, you have found a great offer. Spam Assassin is available on many cPanel hosting sites. Spam Assassin is a mail filtering system which scans each and every email received under the email accounts hosted from your cPanel account for characteristics which are typical of spam messages. For newbie’s, cPanel is the best control panel with lot of opportunities that are easy to use. CPanel works with most common browsers, such as IE, Opera, Firefox and others. Visit http://OrderYourName.com for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials.

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