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World Police's Channel


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    World Police- Party Viking! 02:57

    World Police- Party Viking!

    by World Police (6/29/08) 511 views

    An anthem for the worldwide Part Viking movement! The World Police get buck wild on the rock stage and drive the drunken masses into a frenzy with their hot rock! for the rock fans that don't understand the lyrics a primer: Get Drunk- imbibe in spirits Get Fcked- become involved in coitus Pull Crack- ask a young lady on a date as popularized by the Macc Lads To The Maxxx!- all the way!

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    World Police- Just Another Victim 02:38

    World Police- Just Another Victim

    by World Police (6/29/08) 346 views

    A night of blacked out drinkin always leads to a lot of awesome rockin, violence, murder, hilarity, etc... Back talking chicks, angry skinheads, passed out World Police fans all taste the wrath!