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    Præy To God 01:48

    Præy To God

    by Xlibris (6/23/11) 18 views

    Præy To God: A Tasteful Trip Through Faith, invites you to read a tasteful memoir—a twentieth century American reality-story comparable to The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, and The Thorn Birds, with a lesson in Havardian Theology.

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    Six Days Till Sunday 01:05

    Six Days Till Sunday

    by Xlibris (4/18/11) 29 views

    What happens when you are confronted with a responsibility to change the world? Witness how Aaron tries to do it in Six Days Till Sunday.

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    Cycles by Marion P. Myers 01:03

    Cycles by Marion P. Myers

    by Xlibris (1/24/11) 225 views

    A riveting account of one woman’s triumph over life’s many obstacles. Through all the pain, deceit, and confusion – she survives it all. This is her story.

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    The Right Side of Wrong 01:06

    The Right Side of Wrong

    by Xlibris (1/21/11) 46 views

    Accompany Sam and Mary and experience their shared love that has kept them going and living—despite the lowest, most difficult times of their lives.

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    Homelands FINAL 01:07

    Homelands FINAL

    by Xlibris (1/20/11) 11 views

    Homelands Invasion is a compelling tale of terrorism, mystery, suspense, and adventure that follows one man’s exploits to stop a gripping plot of havoc and death.

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    Trumping the Red Queen

    Trumping the Red Queen

    by Xlibris (1/20/11) 22 views

    Trumping the Red Queen enables readers to look at innovation and use an advanced form of learning to enhance their creative output.

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