Xzin's Channel

Xzin's Channel

Please visit my Blog to see my videos. Videos about anything that has something to do with computers Guides, tips, easter eggs... new videos every day. Also some other kind of videos now and then. Enjoy :)


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    Cool Experiment

    Cool Experiment

    by Xzin (10/19/07) 1,962 views

    Why don't they at school. Please check my blog for more videos :)

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    Teacher Pants Prank

    Teacher Pants Prank

    by Xzin (10/19/07) 1,170 views

    I wonder how much he got detention :D Please check my blog for more videos :)

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    Bunker Buster

    Bunker Buster

    by Xzin (10/19/07) 313,400 views

    This is a video of an awesome weapon called a Bunker Buster. It has the ability to penetrate very think structures and explode inside destroying anything inside. Incredible. Please check my blog for more videos :)

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    Quick Square Mentally

    Quick Square Mentally

    by Xzin (10/17/07) 2,211 views

    Did you know that there is a quick way of squaring a two digit number which ends in 5? Well, now you do :)

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    Perfect PC Shutdown Prank 01:13

    Perfect PC Shutdown Prank

    by Xzin (10/14/07) 69,740 views

    It's completely safe. Try this for your friends computer, or even better, for public school computers. Just imagine every computer in the class shutting down :D

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    Best Warcraft Quotes 07:53

    Best Warcraft Quotes

    by Xzin (10/14/07) 7,391 views

    C'thun, Nefarian, Prince Malchezaar, Shade of Aran, Sylvanas Windrunner, Hakkar, Kel'thuzad, Varimathras, Ragnaros, and finally Lich King.

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