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    La Moara - Yades Greek Historic Hotels 02:34

    La Moara - Yades Greek Historic Hotels

    by Yades_Hotels (1/3/11) 34 views

    Situated at an altitude of 1345 m on the slop of Mt. Vitsi, Nympheo is a magical destination. This historic village was recently named a “listed village” in Greece. With a history deeply rooted in the centuries, Nympheo is the ideal setting for discovering the beauty of tradition in a preserved mountain village. La Moara is an impressive manor house representing the architecture of the locale. It is the creation of the Boutari family and reflects its dedication to preserve and share the rich cultural heritage of this, once, flourishing village. Eight, spacious rooms are artistically furnished with hand-carved pieces; the work of artisans of centuries past; masters of their craft. The hotel has a large living room, traditional, reading room, as well as an intimate dining room where guests can enjoy exquisite local specialties accompanied by wines produced by the Boutari family. Breakfast is a splendid feast including fresh juices and cowʼs milk, eggs, homemade marmalade and Greek spoon desserts – all from the farm. The combination of fresh air, a fantastic setting, refined atmosphere and warm hospitality created a unique experience for every guest. http://www.yadeshotels.gr/viewhistorichotel.php?view=23

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    Skites-Yades Greek Historic Hotels 02:31

    Skites-Yades Greek Historic Hotels

    by Yades_Hotels (1/3/11) 13 views

    Skites-Yades Greek Historic Hotels "On The Edge of Paradise" Next to the border of the Mount Athos, in the embrace of the Holy Mountain Sea, the Skites is built by the waves while nestled within the absolute serenity of the surroundings. Inspired by the architecture of the Athonete sketes, the buildings of the property are strewn amongst olive trees and gardens that lead to the pool and the pebbled seafront. Each room, bungalow and suite is spacious and classily decorated in respect of the austere character of the nearby monasteries, though ensuring the comfort and the well being of the guest. The atmosphere and service, an authentic blend of elegance and simplicity, captures the visitor from the very first moment of the stay, an invitation to a journey of enchantment in a fascinating natural scenery and landscape of colorful sunsets, garden aromas and soft tunes. A menu of Greek refined recipes is daily proposed at the restaurant terrace accompanied by a selection of local aperitifs, ouzo and wine. In this sensuous environment, the Skites organizes also cultural events ranging from classical music concerts and poetry evenings to performances of modern dance and theatrical presentations. http://www.yadeshotels.gr/viewhistorichotel.php?view=21

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    Kalimera Archanes - Yades Greek Historic Hotels 01:36

    Kalimera Archanes - Yades Greek Historic Hotels

    by Yades_Hotels (1/3/11) 70 views

    Kalimera Archanes - Yades Greek Historic Hotels "A Home Away from Home" A combination of the comforts of a private residence and hospitality service Right in the centre of the historic and listed village of Archanes in Crete, a few kilometers from the Minoan Palace of Knossos, you will find the Kalimera Archanes, a cluster of 3 traditional houses built of stone, wood, and time-honored materials from the Cretan land. Each of the three houses dates back to the early 19th century and has been restored in 2004 with great respect to the historical characteristics of the village following all the guidelines applied. The houses are located at the end of a pedestrian street leading to a beautiful private garden ensuring all privacy and serenity to the guests. Relaxed atmosphere, original period furniture, antique objects, stylish decoration and traditional looks for a state of the art cuisine add to the distinctiveness of the houses. Opposite one from the other inside the garden, are located the two houses of 80m2 that can accommodate up to 3 guests. Living area with fireplace, kitchen, and bath on the ground floor, and a spacious double bedroom leading to a beautiful terrace with a view to the mountains, ideal to enjoy moments of relaxation on the upper floor. Adjacent to the second house a small studio with kitchenette that can accommodate one to two guests. The third house, larger in size, has three bedrooms, a large sitting area with fireplace, an open space kitchen and can accommodate up to 5 guests. Kalimera Archanes houses are preferably rented for a period of one week. Daily maid service is provided. http://www.yadeshotels.gr/viewhistoricvillas.php?view=34

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    Argentikon Luxury Suites - Yades Greek Historic Hotels 01:45

    Argentikon Luxury Suites - Yades Greek Historic Hotels

    by Yades_Hotels (12/27/10) 11 views

    Selected among the 100 best villas in the world, the Argentikon is a perfect example of medieval, Genoese architecture in the Levant. Located in a lovely plain (Kambos) on the rich, green island of Chios in the northern Aegean, the Argentikon was built in the 16th century by the Argenti family. Step through the elaborate bronze and copper doors into a timeless world of noble tranquillity. Exquisite, Ligurian gardens unfold before your eyes where you expect to hear the sound of a carriage or horses returning from the hunt. Hundreds of multicoloured, old, rose trees surround olive groves and plantations of orange trees. Walking paths with arcades, flowers, benches and birds spark the imagination to an era when nature was cultivated by artistry. Two beautiful wells with fountains are a tribute to a past method of irrigation. The estate consists of four residences (family members lived on the estate in private quarters) where the luxury suites are located; the main palazzo was built in 1550. Each suite is uniquely individual embracing the style and furniture of the period, with fireplace, chandelier and lovely appointments. The restaurant is in a class of its own with gourmet cuisine using only the freshest local ingredients and the finest products from around the world. The Argentikon combines old world craftsmanship with 21st century amenities for a rare experience to share the life and times of the nobility in the Middle Ages in Greece. yadeshotels.gr/​viewhistorichotel.php?view=29

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    Avli Lounge Appartments - Yades Greek Historic Hotels 01:53

    Avli Lounge Appartments - Yades Greek Historic Hotels

    by Yades_Hotels (12/15/10) 12 views

    Avli Lounge Appartments - Yades Greek Historic Hotels " Cretan Re-mix " Nestled in the pedestrian cobbled streets of Rethymno, the Avli Lounge Apartments, once the home of a Venetian Lord, is a secluded establishment with a unique architectural mix of Cretan, Venetian and Turkish elements, ideal for guests who seek to relish the rich history and taste of the island within a luxurious hideaway. Domes, Venetian arches, fountains with running water, cool cellars, antique furniture, paintings and works of art all set the scene for an escape with exceptional gastronomic delights in the gourmet restaurant offering “Creative Cuisine” based on Traditional Cretan recipes, and absolute relaxation in one of the 7 unique suites. Avli is the perfect setting out point for a voyage to the magical atmosphere of Crete through Gourmet Cooking Lessons, Wine Testing at the “Fusion Enoteca”, Cretan products at the ʽRaw Materialsʼ, and entertainment at ʽRaki-Barakiʼ. http://www.yadeshotels.gr/viewhistorichotel.php?view=28

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    Capsis Bristol-Yades Greek Historic Hotels.mp4Capsis Bristol-Yad 02:09

    Capsis Bristol-Yades Greek Historic Hotels.mp4Capsis Bristol-Yad

    by Yades_Hotels (10/11/10) 19 views

    Capsis Bristol-Yades Greek Historic Hotels "Where East Meets West" The Capsis Bristol Hotel, located in the heart of Thessalonikiʼs historical district, is an exquisite combination of past and present. The building (1870) was the cityʼs post office. In 1917, this masterpiece of 19th century architecture was miraculously saved from a catastrophic fire that destroyed a major part of the city. The Bristol name brings a history of its own to the hotel and a tradition originating in Bristol, England whereby each city is entitled to only one hotel with the name Bristol. The Capsis Bristol is an amazing two-story building renovated to capture the spirit of 19th century Macedonia. A spectacular marble stair case links the gracious reception area to the hotelʼs 16 elegant rooms and 4 suites on the upper floor. A collection of fine furnishings, antiques, luxurious fabrics in red, green and blue, handmade oriental carpets, lustrous hardwood floors and handcrafted furniture create an atmosphere of delicate refinement. A sunlit atrium decorated with original wall paintings is the venue for a sumptuous breakfast buffet. You will enjoy fine dining at the hotelʼs gourmet restaurant and bistro bar is ideal for socializing. With magnificent style and atmosphere, Capsis Bristol brings you all the pleasures of a 21st century luxury hotel. http://www.yadeshotels.gr/viewhistorichotel.php?view=27

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    Yades Greek Historic Hotels 02:26

    Yades Greek Historic Hotels

    by Yades_Hotels (9/24/10) 40 views

    YADES GREEK HISTORIC HOTELS "A Story to Tell" The Yades Heritage & Hospitality hotel network, the Greek member of the Historic Hotels of Europe organization, features 19 unique hotels in historical buildings located in some of Greece’s most beautiful settings. From the Peloponnese, Western Greece and Thessaloniki, to the islands of Rhodes, Crete, Santorini and Chios, each hotel skillfully combines the culture and heritage of the country in tranquil and peaceful surroundings to offer guests a luxurious, caring, and hospitable Greek experience. Yades Heritage & Hospitality Hotels comprise the finest historically significant hotels throughout Greece, and delight discerning travelers with their 19 refined properties ranging from quaint villas to majestic estates. Cultural and heritage travelers from near and far enjoy the Yades Greek Historic privately-owned boutique hotels that beautifully reflect each region’s history, traditions, and customs, as well as their spirit in food, architecture, art, and more. http://www.yadeshotels.gr/

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    Ermioni Estate-Yades Greek Historic Hotels 02:30

    Ermioni Estate-Yades Greek Historic Hotels

    by Yades_Hotels (8/25/10) 17 views

    Ermioni Estate-Yades Greek Historic Hotels "A House Under The Sun" A combination of the comforts of a private residence and hospitality service This summer residence of a noble, Greek family, with a Villa dating back to the 1880, is situated on a beautiful 5.5 acre estate of olive groves, colourful flowers and vineyards just across the sea of Ermioni. Grand spaces, tranquillity and natural beauty, walking pathways across the land, add to the special welcome and hospitality offered by the people rooted for generations on this precious estate and devoted to its care. Spacious bedrooms with high ceilings, beautifully frescoed, period furniture, pl0tsant terraces and open air dining areas shaded by old pine trees await the guest. The Residence consists of 2 double bedroom, 2 twins and 2 singles, 2 bathrooms, one large kitchen, dining and living area room. Daily maid service is provided throughout your stay with the possibility of preparing breakfast and light meals for the guests. http://www.yadeshotels.gr/viewhistoricvillas.php?view=33 https://ermioni.reserve-online.net/

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    Esperas Collection-Yades Greek Historic Hotels 02:26

    Esperas Collection-Yades Greek Historic Hotels

    by Yades_Hotels (8/21/10) 19 views

    Esperas Collection-Yades Greek Historic Hotels "A Paradise in the Sky" The awesome landscape of Santorini, a rock jutting high into the sky above the sea, promises the visitor an unparallel experience. Your stay at the Esperas turns the dream into reality. Perched on the edge of a cliff at the village of Oia, the hotel is an oasis of serenity and wonderment.. The rare beauty of the locale is harmoniously complemented by an exceptional style of service, which is both refined, yet, simple, creating the impression that you are truly at home. All of the houses, originally carved into the rock, have been meticulously restored preserving their unique characteristics. Tastefully decorated with elegant, island furnishings, all have a private terrace with a breathtaking view of the sunset and volcanic sea below. A unique swimming pool is carved into the rock and surrounded by a stylish terrace, where you can enjoy a spectacular panorama of island colours; a perfect setting for exclusive dining. The Esperas is one of the most alluring hideaways on Santorini and ensures a fantastic change of scenery. http://www.yadeshotels.gr/viewhistorichotel.php?view=26 https://esperas.reserve-online.net/

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    Residence Kiafa-Yades Greek Historic Hotels 02:40

    Residence Kiafa-Yades Greek Historic Hotels

    by Yades_Hotels (8/18/10) 16 views

    A combination of the comforts of a private residence and hospitality service A historic, two-story sea captainʼs house built in the early 19th century, the Kiafa residence is a jewel crowning the hillside overlooking the village of Hydra and the nearby Saronic Gulf islands. The stone residence was rebuilt in 1979 and restored in 1992 by a talented architect who received a national award for the best restored traditional house. Today, Residence Kiafa perfectly blends the allure of luxury with a fascination of the past. Pure island atmosphere, simple refined decoration, charming outdoor living areas and a small swimming pool with wonderful view create a unique atmosphere of absolute peace and visual splendour. On the ground floor, there is a double bedroom with ensuite bathroom, vaulted lounge room with two sofa beds, open plan kitchen, and dining room that opens onto a lovely terrace -- for the perfect breakfast. On the second floor, the beautiful grand "virani" long living room has a third double bed, an open fireplace, a lounge, and ensuite bathroom. A small, independent, garden guest room located just across the courtyard is equipped with 2 narrow, built-in single beds and ensuite bathroom. http://www.yadeshotels.gr/viewhistoricvillas.php?view=37

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