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    You Complete Me 01:56

    You Complete Me

    by YouGottaLOL (12/27/11) 224 views

    Some things are just better when they get together, like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, celebrities and rehab. Check out more videos at

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    Complex Woman

    Complex Woman

    by YouGottaLOL (12/19/11) 112 views

    Women, take heart. Men don’t mean to tune you out…they just can’t keep up. Check out more videos at

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    Wassa Matta Face 01:36

    Wassa Matta Face

    by YouGottaLOL (12/12/11) 6 views

    With age comes wisdom…but life would be so much easier if we could just back up 5 minutes. Check out more videos at

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    No App for That 02:05

    No App for That

    by YouGottaLOL (12/5/11) 37 views

    You know you’ve thought of indispensable app, or at least one that’s mildly entertaining. Check out these ideas for funny phone downloads no mom should live without. Check out more videos at

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    Not Easily Shui'd 02:04

    Not Easily Shui'd

    by YouGottaLOL (11/28/11) 2 views

    If the Feng Shui of my living room has anything to do with it, my life is about to become way better...the recliner was absorbing the negative energy of the coffee table and the tension was palpable. Check out more videos at

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    Pre-Cleaning 01:44


    by YouGottaLOL (11/21/11) 173 views

    The pre-clean is the last-minute attempt to salvage your reputation with the housekeeper and avoid her seeing what the bathroom REALLY looks like. Check out more videos at

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    Crafty 01:57


    by YouGottaLOL (11/14/11) 18 views

    You are either a craft person or you’re not…I’d rather see a spider in my kitchen than a glue gun and some felt. Check out more videos at

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    A Woman's Work 01:58

    A Woman's Work

    by YouGottaLOL (11/7/11) 114 views

    They say a woman’s work is never done but really this applies to whoever’s in charge of the laundry and the dishes, whatever the gender. This work is simply never done. NEVER. DONE. Check out more videos at

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    Reunited and It Feels So Good 02:04

    Reunited and It Feels So Good

    by YouGottaLOL (10/31/11) 23 views

    If high school reunions are all about how "we look now", wouldn’t preschool reunions be about how tall we’ve become? Check out more videos at

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    Let's Party 01:49

    Let's Party

    by YouGottaLOL (10/24/11) 98 views

    Are your guests checking the time and grabbing their coats way before midnight? Get more awesomeness at your party. Check out more videos at

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