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I found this song like 2 days ago and a said "hey, why not just put it up?" so i did :D enjoy Comment, Rate, Suscribe & Enjoy! :D
  • 7 Sep 2010
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This is a vid that I promised one of my best friends I'd do for her... but hey, who knew that by doing this I'd grow to like Brucas? My heart's still Leyton... but I'll just say that you can expect many many, Brucas vids in the future... all of you my dear Brucas Subscribers... It's basically an angsty video... hope you enjoy it. (it has minor details I wanted to fix but... my mean editor wouldn't mix it correctly...) Rate and comment
  • 6 Nov 2008
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This song reminds me of someone special
  • 13 Sep 2008
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Song: "Before Tomorrow Comes" - Alter Bridge
  • 25 Aug 2008
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