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    Xbox 360 Tilt Controller - Lag?

    Xbox 360 Tilt Controller - Lag?

    by adamthole (5/21/07) 18,454 views

    I have been noticing several comments on the web claiming that my tilt controller has too much lag to be worthwhile. Some people claim that they saw 'seconds' of lag. I can understand how people can think that the controller has some lag associated with it. When watching someone play a game it is hard to judge whether the controller has lag or not because the games don't usually have instantaneous response. If I am playing a racing game and am turning left then decide to turn right, it doesn't happen instantaneously. It is built into the game controls. In this video I show you the Xbox 360 tilt controller in the Windows XP 'Game Controllers' control panel. It shows you the X and Y positions in real time. More info:

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    Xbox 360 Tilt Controller Phase Two 01:46

    Xbox 360 Tilt Controller Phase Two

    by adamthole (1/19/07) 26,052 views

    Video of playing an Xbox 360 using a hacked version of the controller that uses tilt for one of the analog sticks. Shown: Full Auto, Crimson Skies, Marble Blast Ultra, and Goldeneye 007 (non-xbox) More info at

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    High Tech Rube Goldberg Voting Machine 01:21

    High Tech Rube Goldberg Voting Machine

    by adamthole (1/17/07) 10,706 views

    This is a video of a Rube Goldberg ballot-casting machine with an entertainment theme. My Jac-Cen-Del High School team made it in 2004. It uses three separate microcontrollers and includes a C02 powered roller coaster and an electro-magnetic trapeze. If you like this project, check out my other projects at