A parody of Hurricane Chris' "A Bay Bay" by mysteryguitarman and fallofautumndistro. Tay Zonday is the artist behind "Chocolate Rain" and many other amazing songs. =) Edited and directed by mysteryguitarman http://www.youtube.com/mysteryguitarman New lyrics written by fallofautumndistro http://www.youtube.com/fallofautumndistro Vocals performed by Martin Gordon III http://www.myspace.com/mrgordonthe3rd New music programmed by fallofautumndistro with assistance from Frederick Russ http://www.soaringmusic.com Production assistance by laismoura22 http://www.youtube.com/laismoura22
  • 12 Aug 2007
  • 2 165
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Official music video for imadethismistake's "sunkist" from their Valiant Death Records release "tomorrow, we start new". Lyrics and Music by KYLEWILLIAM CAMPOL Edited and Directed by ALAN LASTUFKA (fallofautumndistro) Starring ERICA ARCHEY (dizzyblonde777) and ALEXA POSSEMATO
  • 6 Aug 2007
  • 878
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