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    Titanic Techno Remix 04:17

    Titanic Techno Remix

    by anbulovesu (2/6/09) 73,773 views

    A song that I like and hope you like it to. For people that say why make joke about titanic [etc...]. Just to tell you i only did that for fun ....i wans't thinking about making joke about titanic so please stop saying that .. because you say that for nothing.Also i like the titanic movie so i don't know why i will make fun about it and i like both of them but the regular by celine dion is beter for romantic , well for me. Thank and have a nice day or night. Dont forget to comment =p WARNING : I REPEAT ONLY FOR FUN. PS : Well 3,000,000 views never tough that will go to there , anyway thank any one and hope u have fun and have a nice day. Cya maybe soon.

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    Fanta Ad - India - Featuring Trisha

    Fanta Ad - India - Featuring Trisha

    by anbulovesu (2/6/09) 2,259 views

    Fanta Ad for India. It is a regional campaign targeted to South India. Featuring one of the most famous South India Actress - Trisha. Shot in Thailand with Benetone Films -

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    GOOD: Alcohol Olympics 02:56

    GOOD: Alcohol Olympics

    by anbulovesu (2/6/09) 414 views

    Drinking has always been a mainstay of human civilization. In moments of joy, sadness, boredom, and even holiness, we drink. But what? And how much? And who drinks the most? Based on an in depth study by the World Health Organization, this video presents the most current international rankings of drinkers by country (per capita).* Starring Paria Pear Directed by Max Joseph Produced by Melissa Hunter Music: "Ice Creamy" by Squeak E. Clean

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