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    Spill Berms Information Video 03:29

    Spill Berms Information Video

    by angieames (5/25/10) 3 views

    Spill berms are needed if there is a possibility of vehicles, machinery, or inventory on your premises that could leak any hazardous fluids. Spill containment berms quite simply act as mini fences that contain whatever spillages are within its perimeter.

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    Sorbent Booms - Video Tips 03:19

    Sorbent Booms - Video Tips

    by angieames (5/22/10) 29 views

    The main purpose of sorbent booms is to prevent the oil spill from spreading out. It controls the affected areas and it also has the ability to absorb oils and hydrocarbons in its path. It handles spills such as crude oil, fuel oils, hydraulic oils, gasoline, diesel, motor oil, jet fuel, and kerosene. These booms repal water and will float even when saturated with oils.

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    A New Video Guide On Railroad Spill Containment. 01:31

    A New Video Guide On Railroad Spill Containment.

    by angieames (4/25/09) 463 views

    Railroad spill containment is no longer a problem with the trackmat. This track mat is made to fit railroad tracks and will capture spills and leaks from engines and railroad cars. More info available at