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    Raw and Dirty Job 02:50

    Raw and Dirty Job

    by anysewer (4/5/08) 338 views

    $49.95 Any Sewer or Drain's Sewerman jumps into the pit while the sewer water is rising. He gets some resistance from the pipe but ends up unclogging the sewer line. Turns out the pipe was clogged really bad with grease and the grease had become very hard inside the pipe resulting in a massive sewer back up. For more info visit

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    Tight Spot

    Tight Spot

    by anysewer (4/5/08) 429 views

    Sewer clogs are bad, especially when the technician has to sit in a tight spot and work with the sewer cleaning equipment. Our sewer men perform the job for the same low price of $49.95 for any one sewer or drain.

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    Kitchen Sink

    Kitchen Sink

    by anysewer (4/5/08) 318 views

    $49.95 Any Sewer or Drain unclogs kitchen sinks as-well. Kitchen sinks get clogged with grease most of the time. It gets messy when there is grease in a line. It actually resembles sewage and feels very slippery.

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    Dry Well

    Dry Well

    by anysewer (4/5/08) 917 views

    A dry well causing overflow. To find out what a dry well is, visit

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    $49.95 Tools Of Trade 04:04

    $49.95 Tools Of Trade

    by anysewer (5/27/07) 161 views

    Alot of customers ask us about the type of tools we us. Customers are aware that Spartan tools are the best and they usually make sure about that. Our Spartan tools are modified and enhanced for even better performance.