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    Reciprocating Motion

    Reciprocating Motion

    by autoconcept (8/27/09) 394 views

    The source it about reciprocating motion general meaning is going back and forward along the same path.we used rotary crank and connecting rod to convert the motion from crank to the piston-rotary to reciprocation application.

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    Gas Temperature Energy 01:03

    Gas Temperature Energy

    by autoconcept (8/26/09) 91 views

    The source is it about gas temperature as measure of energy it has to do work, high temperature molecules can move faster and do more pressure on surface contained

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    How Rotary Engines Work Major Components 02:49

    How Rotary Engines Work Major Components

    by autoconcept (8/24/09) 380 views

    The video source , is about basic component of rotary engine like rotor,housing shape,spark plug,exhaust ports,cooling system,combustion chamber,internal gear,eccentric shaft and the mechanism it works

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    Lighting System in Car 01:27

    Lighting System in Car

    by autoconcept (8/10/09) 400 views

    The video source is lighting system improve vision at night and make car seen by others,its component is lighting switch for part,head lights,stop light,turning lights,reverse light and indicators

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    Ignition System in Cars 02:02

    Ignition System in Cars

    by autoconcept (8/10/09) 1,917 views

    The videos source is ignition system that brings your car’s engine and subsystems together. Learn about the parts of your ignition system and innovations in ignition systems.

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    Car Starting System 01:21

    Car Starting System

    by autoconcept (8/5/09) 39,917 views

    the video source is it about starting system components battery,cables,starter motor,flywheel ring gear,ignition switch,and also about starting action itself

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    Electronic Fuel Injection 02:12

    Electronic Fuel Injection

    by autoconcept (8/3/09) 5,806 views

    the video source is about electronic fuel injection fuel injectors the primary means of getting gasoline into the engine cylinder so it can combust and you can drive.know more about the various configuration of injection system

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    Car Cooling System 01:43

    Car Cooling System

    by autoconcept (8/2/09) 2,537 views

    the video source from about cooling system role is to remove heat from engine to prevent surgery,coolant is always liquid with special chemicals,take about its main component like Radiator,Fans,Water Pump,Thermostat

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    Car Charging System Basics 01:15

    Car Charging System Basics

    by autoconcept (8/1/09) 793 views

    The video source about parts and interaction of the parts of an automotive charging system like battery,voltage regulator,alternator,indicator lights

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