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    Striker and Swat Ep.05 04:29

    Striker and Swat Ep.05 "Locked Out"

    by avclubvids (5/15/09) 125 views

    When Striker and Swat lock themselves out of the complex, they hit up Dewalt the Handyman for some spare keys. However, the boys soon come to realize that Dewalt has bigger troubles than they do, and they decide to intervene.

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    Striker and Swat Ep.03 05:40

    Striker and Swat Ep.03 "Todd's Apartment"

    by avclubvids (4/14/09) 25 views

    Striker and Swat go on a ridealong with DeWalt, their handyman. If you expect it to go well, you obviously haven't been watching the show so far :) If this is the first episode of this series that you have seen, watch them all: http://theavclub.tv

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    Striker and Swat Ep.1: 05:47

    Striker and Swat Ep.1: "Lint in the Dryer"

    by avclubvids (3/17/09) 61 views

    Someone in the building left lint in the dryer, so Striker drags Swat on a daylong journey to find out which asshole in their apartment complex did it. This is Ep.1 in a new series, check out www.theavclub.tv/media/strikerandswat/ for more!

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    Psycho Bob's Big Date

    Psycho Bob's Big Date

    by avclubvids (4/21/08) 228 views

    Bob goes out on a date with Betty, perhaps the first woman other than his mother to truly understand and appreciate him. For more episodes go to: http://www.theavclub.tv/media/psychobob/

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    Psycho Bob And The Neighbors 01:10

    Psycho Bob And The Neighbors

    by avclubvids (11/29/07) 227 views

    Another lazy Sunday in Bob's neighborhood; while Bob works on his yard, his nosy neighbor crosses the line, forcing Bob to take matters into his own hands. Featuring Doug Sarine of Ask A Ninja as one of the neighbors.

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    Psycho Bob: 01:10

    Psycho Bob: "Quiet Please!"

    by avclubvids (10/10/07) 236 views

    Psycho Bob decides to take some time off from his normal routine and goes to catch a movie, but there's a complication- there's someone worse than Bob at the same movie.

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