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    1 Year Old Hearing Baby Use Sign Language At Her 1st Birthday Pa 01:44

    1 Year Old Hearing Baby Use Sign Language At Her 1st Birthday Pa

    by kokonutty (7/12/07) 7,440 views

    This is a 1 year old hearing baby girl at her 1st birthday party who used sign language to communicate. This baby already knew about 20 to 25 signs before age 1 year old. In this video you will see signs for "tree," "baby," "thank you," "nose," "ear," her name sign "Heather" and so on. Babies cannot talk because their vocal cords are not yet fully matured and for the next two years they are unable to communicate to anybody other than screaming hoping the parents get it right on what the baby wanted in the first place. Signing offers a very easy way to communicate for the baby to his/her parents. Heather's first sign was "milk" at age 7 months and then she progressed from there. Hearing parents of hearing babies can easily communicate with their baby for the next two years if they teach their baby useful signs and lessen tremendously the communication frustration, especially for the baby. Sign language is extremely useful communication tool for both deaf and hearing babies and can easily offer a vocabulary up to 70 to 80 words by age two. But for hearing babies after two years of age or so then now toddler would quickly prefer using his/her own voice since vocal cords and muscles are already mature and ready to be used as intended for the hearing toddler.