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Held at the luxurious Flisvos marina by the Athenian seaside...a seaside that has seen a lot over the last few thousands of years but nothing like this before... Surrounded by yachts that cost a few million euros each... On top of a concert stage and viewed by more than 6000 people during the weekend... It definitely felt like a rock concert, only in this case it was a super production for a flair bartending competition and in place of rock stars we had flair bartenders!!! For the first time ever the crowd of Athens witnessed some of the world 's finest flair bartenders, battling it out for the title of the first ever Havana Club Athens Flair Open Champion!!! With some top players coming to Athens, it looked rather promising that this was going to be hard for anyone to predict who would be the one to scoop up first prize. The finals consisted of 12 bartenders made up by the 2 best Greeks competitors of the qualifying round and the top ten qualified competitors overall. The level of the competitors was world class and it definitely kept the judges busy, having them to go over their score sheets a few times before the final outcome.
  • 8 Aug 2008
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