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Life is like a tightrope u walk it til u fall, run when its wide and when its thinner then u crawl, I'm tired of bein trapped on this wire...bordered and cornered, I'm like brakes I'm movin forward, been sittin still in park...for 14 yrs, I'm tryna put it in drive tryna change gears, see I'm like a stomach hungry for fame, never been at the head...but never lower than the rear, see the rap game is dyin and I'm tryna ressurect it, like Jesus on the cross...funny Easterll be here any second, soon my reign is comin yall better switch to umbrella mode, this is my show...u jus feature on an episode, bout to shock you with my rhymes u gone need n electrician, can't even call this a contest cuz where's the competition? Givin birth to real rap so I got that mothers intuition, don't need a gun cuz my words are my ammunition, I destroy the opposition so this is also demolition, yall been eatin this garbage rap that results in malnutrition, never seen truthful rap so I can't say this is recognition, more like this an admission to these mint condition, lyrics that contain no awkward disposition, the ghost of Pac and Biggie combined and u get this apparition, I do this 24/7 I take no intermission, calculatin flows somethin like a mathematician, breakin it down for u kinda like decompisition, I'm one of a kind we come in limited edition, vocabulary bigger than an ocean urs is goin fishin, the savior of rap I glow! Even in this dark age, so please vote! At the bottom of the page, ima be the king once ignorance has made an absence, and remember its a don't lose ya balance
  • 25 Apr 2011
  • 151
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