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    Defend 02:23


    by ben busy (3/6/10) 158 views

    my sine wave slice through time and space and reshape the face of the planet crash the gates into the heavens with the stars , legends with the gods lifting up the shards so they know who we are / METI contact alien combat my military tactics written in raw rap they wanna try slave my people with hate and evil / we snap the shackle when the wax hit the needle / clap till it's equal protect the human fetal we pull out the big gun to bang or flip em with the aikido them weapons ain't thang / hit em with the mother palm fuck they whole qi up neo with the key in the lock it don't stop throw ya 3 up hack through ya matrix slash I leave a deep cut mad hatter with the tea cup crush an invader into bits like a peanut / you want some come get it any style ya set it get it thrown right back in ya face without an edit / if I said I meant it go ahead check my method / get the message up man I ain't no one to mess wit Planet Earth blue gem defend my realm I let the multiverse know / vanish your whole system if you spark or start friction right through your head put a slug in ya dome don't care if you God no matter who you are you try and threaten my star then it's on war like you never seen before strike through ya core hit you in the brain with some of that saw tooth raw hunnit proof sucka free you disappear poof fuckin' with me or mines you ain't the truth / get gone from the multi we weeding out the phony chop the beef to the bone you so balogna // easy does it mothafuck it yall want it yall got it we locked and we loaded you gotta be nutso tryin thinking we folding our hands are golden and platinum alien laughing get clapped when the gat spin fuck is your reaction you will get no traction on any bit of this earth you'll get worked into the dirt hit you with a burst of that dense inert ripping you up with the verse have you thinking that ya galaxy cursed / SO DON'T FUCK WITH ME on the highway doing a buck-twenty ben busy benny blanco styles i got many fuck around turn your spine to dust like alchemy cock the semi let off heavy and keep my aim steady

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    TEI 2010 / Relief: a Responsive 3D Surface 01:29

    TEI 2010 / Relief: a Responsive 3D Surface

    by ben busy (1/29/10) 39 views

    "Relief is an actuated tabletop display, which is able to render and animate three-dimensional shapes with a malleable surface. It allows users to experience and form digital models like geographical terrain in an intuitive manner. The tabletop surface is actuated by an array of 120 motorized pins, which are controlled with a platform built upon open-source hardware and software tools. Each pin can be addressed individually and senses user input like pulling and pushing."

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    Intelligence Integration in Palantir: An Open-Source View of ... 05:27

    Intelligence Integration in Palantir: An Open-Source View of ...

    by ben busy (1/18/10) 130 views In this video, we explore a number of ways that Palantir can help commanders and analysts to achieve the information advantage required to win the Afghan counterinsurgency battle: Enabling information flow from the bottom up, ensuring that the critical knowledge gained on the ground reaches all who need to know Combining data on insurgent groups and local populations into one common operating picture Enriching traditional intelligence with the insights of local leaders, UN officials, NGOs, Provincial Reconstruction Teams, and Civil Affairs officers Providing a framework for collaboration in remote and austere environments Note: All data contained in this video are unclassified and open-source.

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    Kale Soup 08:01

    Kale Soup

    by ben busy (12/28/09) 81 views

    Kale Broccoli Garlic Potato Onion Beans Vegetable broth Spinach (optional) basil (optional) 1. pour vegetable broth into pot 2. dice onions and garlic and potatoes and turn on low heat 3. add one cup water for every 4 cups vegetable broth 4. chop broccoli and add 5. destem kale, rinse, and add 6. rinse beans and add 7. cook on low-medium 30 minutes. thank my mother

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