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Best Estimate Pro | Create an accurate estimate in 30 to 45 minutes. Change orders take 5 to 10 minutes.


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    Electrical Estimating Software - Quicktour #4 06:13

    Electrical Estimating Software - Quicktour #4

    by bestestimatepro (6/23/09) 128 views - Advanced Assembly Editing:During this quick tour we will discuss how to edit the assembly information on the takeoff and pricing tabs. Editing an assembly may include editing labor hour quantities. Editing may also include adding or removing parts or changing the quantity of parts in an assembly.

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    Electrical Estimating Software - QuickTour #2 02:52

    Electrical Estimating Software - QuickTour #2

    by bestestimatepro (6/15/09) 163 views - Estimating Basics: During this quicktour, we will show you how enter in general estimate information and how to complete the takeoff using Best Estimate Pro. We will also show your project expenses and pricing can be easily viewed.

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    Electrical Estimating - QuickTour #1 02:43

    Electrical Estimating - QuickTour #1

    by bestestimatepro (6/10/09) 118 views Creating Your New Company. Watch this quicktour to see how easy it is to set up a company using Best Estimate Pro. After creating a new company, you simply edit your company information and enter your labor cost and markup.

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    Electrical Estimating In 3 Minutes. 02:36

    Electrical Estimating In 3 Minutes.

    by bestestimatepro (6/9/09) 146 views

    Watch as we set up a company and show you the very basics of estimating with Best Estimate Pro in less than 3 minutes. We will show you how to: *create a company * edit company information *set labor cost and markup to get pricing *add rooms to your takeoff *remove and edit assemblies *print estimate detail report